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    Your feedback: Trustless Dash, Perfect Prices, and Dash-Back++

    (View this proposal on DashNexus here) You know Anypay. We are the Dash-Back guys. The Dash Car guys. Our Point of Sale processes thousands of Dash payments in over a hundred verified retail businesses in a dozen different countries. Anypay = Real, Provable Adoption Since our mission is to...
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    New site is live

    Thank you, Michael. I think Strophy got it done. I appreciate the response!
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    New site is live

    Website looks beautiful. Clean, easy, professional. A perfect balance. 3 quick things to share: 1) Anypay's logo has changed. Could you please update the logo? (Businesses > Providers and Tools) New logo: 2) May the "About" section please read: "Anypay offers easy, professional tools for...
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    Feedback wanted! Dash Embassy Thailand Proposal Q1/2019

    Dash Embassy Thailand is doing some of the most professional work around in setting up merchants to accept Dash. Not only do they hold meetups in comfortable settings for learning, they also are a powerhouse at increasing real-world adoption. They bring new Dash customers to the businesses that...
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    AnyPay Dash Merchant Acceleration Proposal

    Enjoy watching this 3-min video summary of AnyPay's proposal to provide the Dash community with hard data about retail transactions while accelerating merchant adoption around the world. Read the full proposal here:
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    While Bitcoin seems unlikely to challenge Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal in online acceptance, we ....

    Even at a few cents, Litecoin fees are way higher than Dash. In Bitcoin Village, consumers have their pick of any cryptocurrency, and 75% of the time, they choose Dash. I've seen Litecoin payments maybe 1% of the time. What does that tell you?
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    Dash Force News 3 Amigos Podcast Added to LRN.FM Radio Network

    This is huge. LRN is the place for cryptocurrencies to compete for valuable users. As indicated in the OP, this is where some of the biggest influencers in the cryptosphere are getting their news and entertainment. The 3 Amigos Podcast repping Dash for a full show is big because there's no other...
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    An Open Letter Response to

    This is so perfect. I use Purse all the time. This post inspired me to reach out to them directly to ask them to take Dash. Why not? If they hear from enough people, surely they'll do it.