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    List of future development ideas

    I think it would be really cool if our POW would somehow benefit society by tying it in with some of the projects in BOINC such as Seti or Protein Folding. In order to solve a block, the miner would have to do some work for SETI or something similar. Primecoin is already doing this by...
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    Enhanced Darkcoin Wallet UI

    Let's not get too hung up on what it looks like. To me, usability is more important. I would like to see the number of masternodes connected in the network info section. Also make it easier to use Darksend. A lot of less technical users don't need to know about selecting inputs when doing a...
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    Just had an idea for us miner collectively help DRK before next fork !!

    According to this thread on Reddit. https://pay.reddit.com/r/DRKCoin/comments/29lbo7/hashfasters_darkcoin_pool_needs_some_support/ Hashfaster updated yesterday. I asked the question and they responded that they were up to date.
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    Please Update Your Darkcoin Clients!!!

    Where can I find the 10.11.5 source repo so I can build the client on OSX? Is it available as a branch on GitHub? Can't see it there?
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    6/20 RC3 Post-mortem

    S So I have been looking at the Unit Tests for QT client and command line. I released a pull request that fixed the build of both test_darkcoin and darkcoin-qt_test. They both build and run now. Code has been merged into the Master branch of Darkcoin. I also fixed the Unit Tests for Darksend as...
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    6/20 RC3 Post-mortem

    Will do!
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    6/20 RC3 Post-mortem

    Sure. I would be more than happy to look at them. Are you planning automated testing as part of continuous via Jenkins or something similar?
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    Reverting RC3 Masternode Payments Fork

    Just like DNS, that info should be available from any node.
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    6/20 RC3 Post-mortem

    I am a developer with 20 years experience in card based transactions such as POS and ATM. 15 years C++ development experience too. I also have my CISSP and CEH. I would be happy to help the testing in any way. I have two VPS servers and can bung some hash rate at testnet and run a couple of...
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    Reverting RC3 Masternode Payments Fork

    The problem with that, as I see it, is that it would break one of the fundamental paradigms of Darkcoin and Cryptocurrencies in general. That is that they are decentralised. If you make a connection to darkcoin.io a necessity, then you introduce a single point of failure. If the Fed's wanted to...
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    IP Ban?

    Hey vertoe, Thanks for the links. I had already managed to find the latest code and it is running happily on my VPS. The problem still remains that I am still IP banned from my home IP address even on port 80/443 so I can't access the darkcoin.io website. It's not a problem for me because I...
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    IP Ban?

    Hi I have been IP banned after I attempted to mine with the cpuminer. I read somewhere else on Reddit that this can occur if you try to mine an X11 coin with the scrypt algorithm. All I was doing was running the minerd with the default option for --algo. It doesn't have an option for --algo...