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    report darkcoin.com for malware

    Have you noticed that darkcoin.com has turned into a phishing site? I just reported it and wanted to share the way i did. A few of us can take a second or two and report the website darkcoin.com site reporter: https://www.google.com/safebrowsing/report_badware/
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    ProtonMail, End-to-end encrypted email, based in Switzerland.

    https://protonmail.ch/ “What really sets ProtonMail apart is how easy it is to use. Unlike existing solutions, we have completely abstracted away the complex cryptography to make the encryption and decryption complete invisible to user. There’s no software to install and no keys to generate –...
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    Xnigma.com/ DRK/BTC DRK/LTC & DRK/DOGE

    Today another exchange listed DRK. https://xnigma.com/ https://twitter.com/XnigmaExchange/status/467918461079801856 DRK/BTC DRK/LTC & DRK/DOGE
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    Potential 51% attack from Amazon

    Welcome to my really silly thread. Amazon ISP's have 49.5 % of the masternodes. Of course they would not but could they pose a threat if persuaded to do so? http://drk.poolhash.org/darksend.html In other news.. The faucet is back. http://cointrepid.com/darkcoin-faucet/
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    Fake mining Youtube.

    I came across this YouTube of a guy mining Darkcoin really fast. Is their anyway to know if this is real or not? It could easily be fake IMO. The guy is using cpuID and using some vary rude language. Forgive me.
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    Cloud mine Darkcoins.

    I have a decent computer but wonder if cloud mining would work much better. Anyone have experience cloud mining DRK? Would you recommend that as well as pool mining? What is the best way to cloudmine DRK coins? I once saw on bitcointalk/altcrypto that DarkCoin is script which means it will get...
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    ¿De dónde viene Darkcoin?

    http://elblogdelascrypto.blogspot.com.es/2014/04/de-donde-viene-darkcoin.html miércoles, 30 de abril de 2014 ¿De dónde viene Darkcoin? Darkcoin ha estado preparando durante un tiempo, pero sólo recientemente se ha disparado realmente en valor. Estoy invirtiendo en esta moneda porque me gusta...
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    looking for help, CPU pool-mining from drkpool

    I created an account with dkpool, i downloaded the minerd. i opened and recieved HTTP request failed: nor can I type any command. a little help? do i have to disable windows firewall? at&t firewall? thoughts or comments? what am I doing wrong? or is everyone having this problem?