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    What happened to dash? Be sick?

    If we reduce the number of mortgage coins in the masternode, can we break the monopoly of binance and let more people support dash
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    What happened to dash? Be sick?

    What happened to dash? Be sick? Dash ranking has fallen below 50, which means that it is insignificant in the crypto circle. The other coin I know,Decred was born by imitating dash. The highest price was $60 in 2017. This year, it has exceeded the previous high, and the price will soon surpass...
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    09: Decentralized Decision Making: Proactively Building Dash Decentralization

    Criticism is a kind of progress. If no one dares to criticize, it will be terrible. The price trend of DASH in recent years shows the team's deficiency (either attitude or ability). I support the discussion
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    Reports of problems with Dash representatives in China

    They must be undercover agents of other cryptocurrencies in China. They're going to kill dash.
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    My advice to the dashcore team

    Do you see the recent Dogecoin? Decred? Why not make the dash unit smaller? Let more people participate in the construction of the masternode? Dash to da moon until change!
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    My advice to the dashcore team

    The stable price you mentioned is a false proposition. The price of cryptocurrency is always changing. People who buy and use cryptocurrency at this stage It is the forerunner and the preacher. If the dash price does not rise and falls against the market, Many years later, these preachers would...
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    My advice to the dashcore team

    Will you buy stocks of the company who is doing business in Venezuela? Why don't you buy Tesla stocks? apple?huawei?
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    My advice to the dashcore team

    The recent market of dash is ugly. 2021 should be a bull market for a whole year. I love dash. I don't want to miss the whole bull market because of investing in dash. In view of the current situation of dash, I have several suggestions, which should help dash get rid of the current predicament...
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    NEW Forum MEMBERS: Welcome to Dash! Please Read & Reply

    I'm new here and I from china