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    Dash Wallet | dash-wallet-backup file restore android

    Man, I had the same question. I guess I'm an idiot for not clicking on SAFTY to restore a wallet. In the iOS they tried another way and called it "Recover another wallet" which maybe was a better way to go ;)
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    Dash Core 12.2 is here!

    2mb blocks was not about being needed. It was about making a statement. Bitcoin argued for 18months and then split their coin due to block size difficulty. We had ONE VOTE and solved it forever. Shows why DASH is the "The Governance Coin" and we need to promote it as such.
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    DASH, The Governance Coin

    We need a new slogan. Yahoo just described every crypto coin in four words or less. They said DASH = Privacy Focused Bitcoin Clone. Makes me want to throw up. Not good people. Everyone all day I have to educate that DASH is not competing with Monero and we're about the governance. All...
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    Visa card for cryptocurrency service

    I live in Latin America. Anyone building a DASH debit card for the hundreds of millions of people here? If so, I have not seen even one. Horrible.
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    Dash Core 12.2 is here!

    Awesome news! I know it's been a busy day but I am shocked no comments. Way to go guys!
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    Dash $25!!

    Still haven't sold. We're going to $1000. Be smart people!!
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    KeePassX NOW finally has an Updated Version + Active Dev Team in Place

    KeepassXC is a super fantastic product for Linux. I've never used on Windows and am told Keepass2 is better for Windows. For Linux get KeepassXC and you'll wonder how the hell you lived without it. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    What is up with the CoPay wallet?

    CoPay is an amazing and fantastic app. Everything done by Bitpay (as opposed to Coinbase) is done well and professionally. I've often wondered why CoPay didn't work with DASH. Please make this happen! Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Dash "stock split"

    We need to do this. So many of my friends buy Ether and not Bitcoin because it's "cheaper". They say they can't afford a Bitcoin.
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    Issue with the format of the proposal system

    This is insane. The entire community has to ruin this guy if he doesn't deliver. If he asks for more funds the answer must be no.
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    Hey community, Let's invent a name for Milli-Dash

    We need milla dash and we need to split up Dash into centadash or milldash. Price is over $100. Would be better for price to be $1 or 10cents. More likely to go up. Many people I know won't buy Bitcoin because "its too expensive and don't have $1000 to buy". When you explain they can buy...
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    Dash wallet -> official Ubuntu repository ?

    This would make sense. Making it a SNAP program would be even better.
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    API for accepting Dash

    I think this is an API for the blockchain. He is talking about actually accepting it as a merchant. I am interested as well.
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    Official Dash Instamine Issue Clarification

    Thank you for this post!
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    Where Can I use DASH in the future? And about Masternodes.

    I love Bitcoin. Bitcoin was my passion for a while, but Bitcoin has two major problems that cause Bitcoin to be not nearly as effective as it could be. Two reasons Dash will overtake Bitcoin as the dominate crypto-currency on Earth for payments and as a store of value. #1 Goverance model...