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    Great work @colofi and @Antti Kaikkonen! Surely these stolen DASH can be traced? There would have to be a cash out point at some stage or a wallet/exchange that would require KYC.
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    Women In Blockchain Series, with Naomi Brockwell

    Naomi has a massive back catalogue of interviews with some of the biggest names in crypto. I see @amanda_b_johnson 's point as well regarding women in crypto but I think while the space is still massively represented by Peter Pan's that don't know how to associate with or respect women there is...
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    Dash Masternode Collective [Pre-proposal]

    Hi All, Thanks for all the feedback on this project. Just introducing myself as part of the team. I was introduced to Dash (as I'm assuming many were) by Amanda B early last year. I usually go by @bean on Discord and previously Slack. I have been more active offline introducing people to Dash...
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    Welcome Bradley Zastrow - Director of Global Business Development

    Great 'real world' expertise to help with Mass Adoption:)
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    Conflicting information on Trezor and Dash Block Chain Explorer

    Yes, thanks strophy. I've spent some time going over it and had some great help from a couple of people on here and it seems that's whats happened. I've since been educated on how the transactions work and how use of the DMT tool.
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    Conflicting information on Trezor and Dash Block Chain Explorer

    Would really like some help or contact information for someone that can help me. I had 1,005.4 Dash on my Trezor. I then sent 5.4 Dash to another address. My Trezor still says it has 1,000 Dash in it. However, somehow something has happened and the Dash Blockchain Explorer is saying that the...
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    Reminder: Shakepay will deactivated on October 15th for all Outside Europe Card Holders !!

    Shame, worked without a hitch on my holidays to the US
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    U.S. asks foreign travelers to voluntarily disclose social media profiles

    I visited the US recently and they asked for my social media. Only voluntary, but I'm sure it only saves them a few minutes if they decide they need to have a look
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    (Pre-Proposal) DASHPayCard - DASH Branded Debit Card + Fiat/Dash Integration

    I see your point. Maybe if Dash can set up a platform where voters can vote on wether the project continues to be paid based on if milestones are met?
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    Dash Sponsors the Irish Pubs Global Awards, Leverages Festy Contactless Dash Payment Wristbands

    Looking forward to the outcome. Could set the precedence for festival everywhere. Cashless payments are creeping into alot of festivals my way recently.
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    (Pre-Proposal) DASHPayCard - DASH Branded Debit Card + Fiat/Dash Integration

    Best intentions aside. Surely we could set up a smart contract tied to a few milestones to handle the payouts?
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    Dash Leopards Soccer

    It seems Dash is doing some great things in Africa for the "unbankable". Maybe a link between what you are doing and education around Dash? Offering a trial period is good too.
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    Pre-proposal Feedback - Market Research Report for Investment of DASH into Retirement Funds

    Great proposal. I think anything that can bridge the gap between us the converted and the mainstream is a great idea. Can only see positives in having a professionally created document targeting high net worth investors and fund managers. Looking forward to seeing the final result.