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    Dash Farms

    Hello everyone! Dash Texas Farms here and I want to put in a modest proposal that I really think will help get some Dash wallets setup and get some Dash sales happening. All materials acquired in this proposal will be by spending Dash. Seed, soil, fertilizer. I've already purchased a greenhouse...
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    DashCam.Life - Dash profitable use case

    I see how this could spur adoption in the regions listed. One more nudge towards adoption in the places where needed. Good plan.
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    What got you into blockchain/crypto?

    What got me into digital currency? Long conversations and debates on money, government and human rights.
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    Demystifying Dash on Northern Television-Part one

    I like the enthusiasm and the price of what Sahabia is asking to do here...he has shown commitment to reaching out to people! Let's help Sahabia reach more people in Africa where we have started the ball rolling! Sahabia-I have faith you will do well and can reach the people! Make as many...
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    Behind Dash: Repo Roundup

    The value I see that AgnewPickens could bring with this proposal is if he were able to wax phillisophically upon what Dash is doing each week or month that separates us apart for investors and laymen to read over. We do indeed need that and a quick synopsis to send other coins, projects/haters...
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    Dash Tamale Merchant Focus: 50 New Dash Merchants, Dash Fair and 100 New Wallets at low cost

    Enjoyed the video of yourself Sahabia! Looking at the budget requests everything looks good to me! You know what your doing-you've done meetups and such-there is no reason not to give this man a shot at this! Are you putting this in Dash Boost or the main treasury? I think one method that...
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    Pre Proposal: Dash Network Smart ATMs Powered by Vault Logic

    I go back and forth with how important I feel ATM's are but the truth is a few out and about could help us upon the next surge. Good work! Hope you pass!
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    100,000 Views on Youtube Reviewing Dash

    Let me say this-I am thinking about trying it in Dash Boost again BUT I will be hurt if it doesn't go through. I was shocked as I watched it go down further and further to almost last place on this previous try. I had 4200 yes to 4000 no Something like this.... the no votes just killed me...
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    100,000 Views on Youtube Reviewing Dash

    Thanks for the comments gentlemen. I also thought it would do well on Dash Boost so I ran in it last cycle. Dash Boost is a great service but at the moment it is easy for the votes to shift around rather dramatically. I had 4258 yes votes and 4000 no votes. The top winners were having like...
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    100,000 Views on Youtube Reviewing Dash

    Hey! Much appreciated Jmmon....your comment means a lot to me. For whatever reasons not getting much traction on this idea that is a no brainer to me when done properly! I actually ran in the last Dash Boost and recieved 4000 yes votes to 4000 no votes....At this point running in Dash Boost...
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    I believe in you Lukman. IT sounds like a good plan and if you keep on moving forward you will soon have much success.
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    100,000 Views on Youtube Reviewing Dash

    Lukman! I appreciate that. I wouldn't be pushing this so hard if I didn't think it would really make a difference. The crypto world is a small world in a way and if we can get 100,000 views targeting different groups and ages we can gain major traction. The videos made not only highlight all the...
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    100,000 Views on Youtube Reviewing Dash

    Thank you-I enjoy reaching out to the people and creating a true friendship. If this could pass I would be so happy to help continue building a relationship with these three people who I think will only gain in popularity as well as welcome on some more people. I want there to be as many people...
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    Dash Latam Mass Adoption Marathon & Expansion into Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, Haiti, Buenos Aires

    Watching the video now-the idea is great about the Dash Invites, get the people to come...get the merchants to collect. BOOM!
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    Dash Latam Mass Adoption Marathon & Expansion into Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, Haiti, Buenos Aires

    Hope this keeps going! Have not followed too closely so I don't know exactly whats going on but I like all the people. It's about the people in my opinion-the people make a project.