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    CPU mining with Ubuntu (linux) and darkcoin cpuminer 1.3-avx-aes

    Tantestefana: Installed fine, but when trying to run it says: sudo: ./minerd: command not found
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    Ubuntu terminal: Mining not starting

    Hmmm I get only Booooos... I think it is running scrypt, not X11. How to fix? (changed pool) ./minerd -a X11 -o --url=stratum+tcp://drk.yobapool.net:3333 --userpass=username.workername:workerpassword ./minerd: unknown algorithm -- 'X11' Try `minerd --help' for more information. Thanks.
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    Ubuntu terminal: Mining not starting

    Never mind. I got it working by: ./minerd --url=stratum+tcp://drk.cpu-pool.net:3500 --userpass=username.workername:workerpassword
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    Ubuntu terminal: Mining not starting

    Hi, I am trying to start cpu mining via ubuntu 14.04 terminal. I have done it with Litecoin before and that was easy, but for some reason it won't start mining darkcoin. I have an account at drk.cpu-pool.net and enter my info like this: cpuminer-2.4$ ./minerd -a X11 -o...