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Zerocoin, a better Private Send?


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Can someone please advise the feasibility of implementing zerocoin in dash; a proof-of-burn that allows a new coin to be issued.

I am asking because Private Send is slow(ish) and potentially expensive. I realize Evolution hopes to do mixing in the background but I feel this is the wrong solution because it's entirely dependent on the Evolution platform. It is my understanding, zerocoin would be much faster and universally cheaper.

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Few notes on this specific one: I haven't look closer but afaik zk-proofs are of huge size and slow (very CPU intensive operation), not to mention that it's relatively novel crypto. There are some recent improvements made by zcash team (if I'm not mistaken) that drop both size and CPU load by an order of magnitude but it's not even peer-reviewed properly yet.

In general:
1. https://www.dash.org/forum/threads/...tty-please-its-up-to-6-usd.18258/#post-149045 :rolleyes:
2. There is a new paper called Bulletproofs which does smth similar for CT https://eprint.iacr.org/2017/1066.pdf
(you can skip few minutes were he explains some basic stuff, this new work is mentioned closer to the end of his talk)
which if applied would allow to mix any amounts in just a single round. I'd prefer this approach instead of burning/creating coins tbh.
3. I know of some coins that implemented CT but after reviewing them I can see how this can complicate both the code and user experience, at least the way it was implemented there. It's definitely not a drop-in replacement.
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