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yidakee's Helpdesk & Masternode Setup Services (GhostPlayer on Bitcointalk)

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yidakee just helped me set up a Masternode, better said, he set it up (as i have no idea about these technical things)
he delivered as promised, is a super nice guy (and technical really knowledgeable) to hang out with for a couple of hours to get it all set and started !
I can only recommend his services , it was a real pleasure and I learned a lot about the technical side !!!
+ That Masternod is up and rolling ! Yeahhhhh ....>
Yidakee just spent 1h40m helping me set up a masternode. His knowledge and patience is outstanding. He was careful to ensure that I understood every step whilst explaining in simple terms. Highly recommended service and very good value for money. Thank you!
yidakee talked me through setting up a few masternodes, all are up and running and the process was much easier than I thought it would be. No hesitation in 100% recommending yidakee to help any one wanting a masternode.
Just got the next MN on the road !
Tx to yidakee it went smooth and faster than ever !
Can only recommend this service !
Yidakee just installed a Masternode for me. Great service, he explains everything in detail and takes the time to do everything smooth.

Yidakee just installed a masternode for me in just 2.5 hours and a lot of that was syncing the blockchain. He answered questions and explained everything with great analogies for a better understanding of the process. Very smooth, I highly recommend!

In fact, I'm doing another tomorrow! :wink:
Yidakee just helped me install my second MN. He explains how and what he is doing as he goes and is a really nice bloke. If you're not sure, he is excellent to have in reserve as quality control or do as I do and ask him to do the whole thing :D Top class service.
GhostPlayer/yidakee, you're a saviour! Thanks a lot, he got my Masternode up and running in no time! I highly recommend him in case you need help setting up a Masternode!

Thanks again buddy, appreciate it!
Yidakee just setup 2 masternodes for me. He gave me a clear explanation on every step. I felt very comfortable using his service, and i would recommend anyone who wants a masternode but is not comfortable doing it himself, to make use of his service.

Thanks again!
Hi Yidakee,

would you be interested in a different kind of masternode partnership? Here's a proposal for you:

I would provide the 1000 dark and you would take some percentage of the payouts for:

1. setup
2. maintenance and updates
3. server costs
4. sending me payouts and stats and basic information about the node
5. show me how to shut it down and withdraw my 1000 dark if i need
6. your time and effort

If you are agreeable to something like that, what percentage would you think is fair? Keep in mind that the server costs would be coming out of your percentage.

Since you would be in full control of my node and my money, i would need to get some people to vouch for you and tell me i'm not retarded for trusting you with this.

I'm not a computer idiot by any means. But i just can't babysit a node because i'll be in prison. A lot of my friends and family are not in prison though : )

And just in case you're curious, i'm not a crazy murderer or anything. I'll just say that I think pot should be legal in all states ; )

I promise not to take offense if you simply don't want to do it or think it's a bad idea.

Keep up the good work!
Yidakee just set up another MN for me,
super fast and very entertaining as always !

Thank you my friend
yidakee helped me set up 5 masternodes in total.

Everything went very smooth, and he helped me out the whole way.

Would definitely recommend!
yidakee helped me set up 5 masternodes in total.

Everything went very smooth, and he helped me out the whole way.

Would definitely recommend!
Indeed Yidakee became a pro MNs installer ;) hihi
Great that the community has the ppl like him who can help other in their weakness.
We are approaching 1000 MNs.... LOL
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