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Will not sync and shuts down.


New member
I'm having an issue. My wallet with 61 Dash as an issue. I'm using a iOS phone iOS14.6 iPhone 8.
I open the app acts like it's going to sync but then just shuts down.
Some times I'm able to put the pin in some times not, before it shutsdown.
I tried to move it to a paper wallet in a last ditch effort but it won't make it to the scan of the QR code before it shuts down.
Happy new year and thanks for any assistance you can give me in advance.

Dash has forked and version 8 of the app has been published to the App Store. It requires iOS 15 or above

Being on such an old iOS version, you should have a paper backup of your seed (important!!) then update to the latest iOS version (which I believe is 16.7.4 for the iPhone 8) at which point the app should work as normal once updated