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Why is the reward rate the way it is?


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So I was reading more, and couldn't find out why the reward of (2222222/(((DIFFICULTY+2600)/9)^2)) is so. Any white papers that I might have missed that can help explain the reasoning behind this equation?
**EDIT Saw that it was Moore's law. Interesting choice...

*On a similar note, how about the gravity well difficulty adjustment?
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Nice. I've always wondered what would happen, and if there were 'safeguards' in case many miners left a network with a long difficulty retarget. Would they implement a TTL where it automatically readjusts if it's taken 1.3x longer for example. This seems to fix the problem nicely. I guess this leaves me wondering why wouldn't all coins have a difficulty retarget of 1 block? Any pro's to having it take longer like Btc?
Darkcoin actually uses something called Dark gravity wave, so it is different from the KGW algorithm.

yes, i believe this changed just last week. previously it was using the gravity well, but the devs implemented the Dark gravity wave for a more robust algorithm.
Also, there was a way to "bounce" the difficulty in KGW by blasting it with hash power, then dropping off suddenly. DGW uses a pendulum/wave-like algorithm to oscillate the difficulty in a given range without the massive swings that can happen with KGW.