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Why is PS not progressing?


New member
I transferred about 18+ Dash into a new fully synced wallet. I started mixing over 24 hours ago. So far, there have been four small transactions which seems to attempts to mix but failed, so ultimately only resulting in 70 cents worth of fees. My mixed amount it still zero. The progress bar says 20% but mixed balance, again, is zero. All I keep seeing is "Submitted to masternode, waiting in queue". What the heck is going on? Are there really no other Dash users looking to mix? I own a masternode and my utilization never goes above 15%, so I know the network isn't maxed out. Is there something going on with the masternode my wallet seems to have picked? Is there a way force my wallet to chose other masternodes?

I've had this problem before. It went away on it's own, but after several days of waiting. Now it's happening again and I was really hoping to have these mixed in a reasonable time frame. For now, I'm just going to wait.

I'll be honest, I don't see this as a production ready feature if it's so unreliable. UNLESS, someone can tell me a surefire way to get it 'unstuck'.
Make sure you are running the latest version of Dash, currently Then go to Settings > Options > Wallet and make sure "Enable PrivateSend multi-session" is enabled.