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Why are some users registered years ago and have a ¨new member¨ tag?

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Shouldn't the new member tag be related to the amount of time registered rather than the number of messages?

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The Forum is nowhere nearly as active as it was at Dash' beginning, most Dash users seem to prefer other platforms.
May simply be a case of the user not applying for a badge when it becomes available. The only badges I take seriously
are those of active Forum users, honestly, you may be better served getting timely development info by joining Dash Devs
Discord, you can get an invite in the left menu under "Chat"
I joined this forum a few months ago but I'm disappointed that there aren't more active discussions. Overall the forum does seem rather dead and there aren't too many opportunities for engagement, as many posts are from a while ago. I may sport this new member tag for a while considering, but hoping that people will get more involved because I do like it here.
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