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What is Sentinel? (Masternodes)

whaaaat - conspiracy theory #452 :rolleyes:
naaaa nothing like that in there !
there is no "hiding" anything - it comes down to good old plain documentation
as coders are they code and do not document - same old ;) - documention (what u actually do) is a pain and takes a long time - and so far nobody stepped up to the task - that is all
we had a proposal last year about hiring (tx tante) a technical writer (for exactly documentations like this) unfortunately it got voted down (as it was misunderstood by many ) i believe we will resubmit that proposal eventually as we really need good and more documentation (not only sentinel but IS, PS, ....)
@demo hasn't been on here in a while. So I figured people might be missing a good conspiracy theory. Haha. But yeah, Sentinel seems like a bit of a black box to me (and others). Perhaps someone could start with the basics. Like what the heck is an "object"? And can we have examples of 5 different objects?