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What is Dashmate?


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Dashmate is an interactive installer for Dash full nodes and masternodes. Check out the full blog post and demo video here.

During the development of Dash Platform, DCG platform developers created a tool known as Dashmate as a quick and easy way to set up masternodes on internal development networks. For the past year, we have been working to adapt this tool for testnet and mainnet by adding a CLI to expose the functionality of the tool in a user-friendly way. This forum is to provide support during public testing of the new tool as a way to set up full nodes and masternodes with Dash Platform services enabled. Dashmate is designed around Docker containers, and features automated configuration and startup through a user-friendly command line interface (CLI) written in Node.js. It aims to completely replace the familiar but aging dashman tool, and includes the following noteworthy features:
  • an initial setup wizard, with support for testnet, devnets and local networks (mainnet works too, but is currently disabled)
  • a configuration management system, which allows you to configure any of the hundreds of available settings, while still suggesting sensible defaults
  • simple one-line commands to start, stop, restart, reset and upgrade masternodes and full nodes
  • support for multiple nodes and multiple networks, to help developers new to Dash Platform get started quickly
  • numerous status commands with detailed output for the host machine, core, platform, masternode and Docker status
  • fully open source
  • a self-documenting help system
  • helpful and user-friendly error messages (most of the time )
Documentation for a masternode setup with Dashmate can be found here. Enjoy testing!
I wanted to go through the registration system again after reinstalling my MN server (old IP address)

When doing the protx register submit step it says:

bad-protx-dup-addr (code 18) (code -1)

But it's a fresh deposit in a fresh address.

Is the problem my reuse of the same server ip address? Or is it perhaps a problem with using the same address for owner address, voting address and payout address?
Yeah IP address is defo not the issue, but you need to regenerate all new keys including the BLS keys !