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WTS Web, WordPress, and OpenBazaar Hosting for Dash

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Hello everyone,

We recently added our name to a list of businesses that accepts Dash as part of John Bush's 100 day dash to adoption campaign. The use of dash in our system is not as stream lined as bitcoin payments are but I'm happy to talk more about our services here and answer any questions you may have.

If you would like to take a look at our offerings please see our website. Agorist Hosting .com

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I do not see BTC nor DASH on the site
Yep, me neither.

businesses that accepts Dash
Please add Dash payment option to your site or at least mention/use the "Dash accepted" buttons.


Thanks for the link to the Dash graphics, We will work on adding a mention for Dash and apparently Bitcoin too. Our check out process is bitcoin only at the moment (no fiat) and if demand for dash payments grows we will find a way to offer our clients Dash subscription payments via our invoice system.

At the moment we are open to accepting Dash over email for our services.
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