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We are participating in DashBoost with a very exciting project.

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Hello everyone, we have been working for weeks on a very exciting project for us.

Thinking about solutions to common problems is a challenge and we hope that they will support us by commenting and speaking with their opinions, whether they are good or bad, in order to enrich it to the fullest.

A directory full of merchants that accept Dash but do not show many transactions, needs strategies that motivate users to pay these businesses in dash.
The goals achieved by the organizations that have made a great effort to attract those users, which is the case of DashVenezuela, DashMaracay and DashMerchant with all their initiatives, did their job of attracting them to the ecosystem, it requires a further push to change a dynamic

They have always used a new technology that also requires practical knowledge to convert bolivares into Dash. Even having the difficulties in the payment systems that force us to lose time before a conventional POS, or the devaluation of our bolivares, has not been enough to make the mass public change their bolivares to dash, increasing their organic use.

We are convinced that the incentives can be a good impact for those who go out to eat and in addition to paying their bill quickly, they receive a discount, they will have to buy Dash to be able to use that discount that is "Only for Dashers" (the term dasher we read it over there) .

Dash GiftCard is an incentive for merchants and consumers and here you can support us by voting on dashboost.

Pilot plan:

200 Gift Cards distributed through a campaign made by our networks and the networks of businesses.

✅ Organic advertising in networks.
✅ Interest of the trade
✅ Interest of the user

The data collected here will allow us to adapt a product to the needs of the market.

✅ Ease of use.
✅ Dash purchase methods.
✅ Promotion methods.

The businesses that we have captured in our events are part of our Phase I.
* They require training to the merchant.
* Multimedia material for the consumer.
* Product promotion.
* Videographic record of the experiences.
* Interviews with users.

Our challenge is to make it simple for the majority and useful to fit with the strategies carried out by other organizations. Technology offers us solutions to problems, not the other way around, we want to make it practical.

Do not forget to support us on DashBoost HERE voting, sharing, commenting

@strophy and @JZA

You are absolutely right, without a cost relation, auditing is impossible.

The budget that you see attached in the forum, has to do with as little as possible with adjustments and without counting all the factors that fit in this plan, because in 8 months we managed to learn to prioritize expenses and we committed to show results that let you know to the community that we are committed and we believe that we will have better times.

So far we have achieved the support not only of organizations but of anonymous people who have donated to us seeing that we are working, do not think that we do not know the value of our work so as not to expect to win for it, we just want to be sure that what we propose is viable , that will give the results and we have the certainty that the community will support us and help maintain the focus.

The boxes marked in gray show the work that we can do ourselves and in which we can make a little cheaper while we collect the data, we see the results and we adjust that proposal that lets us think that they will support.

We will show them phase by phase as we go forward and ask them to keep us alert, the results will benefit us all.