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We are finally starting the long-awaited Dash Embassy in Turkey!!

It's about time, let's free Turkey with Dash! Will you support us?

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First, let us summarize why Turkey craves for an unconfiscatable, censorship resistant, easily transferable, global Digital Cash.

Turkey plays a critical role as a transcontinental Eurasian country that stretches across Southeastern Europe and Western Asia.

The country holds a population of 82 million, and 50% of this number is under the age of 30. In addition to that, Turks make up one of the largest minorities in countries like Germany with more than 4 million people.

We are in collaboration with the Dash Embassy D-A-CH, and are planning to work together on matters like remittance between Turkey and Germany.

This young generation of 40 million is born in Turkey’s digital era; therefore, they instinctively use and prefer digital payment methods for their day-to-day transactions.

As we all know, Turkey faced waves of legitimate economic crises throughout its years, and it is facing a new one lately ranging from the devaluation of its currency to high inflation and interest rates forcing the country into stagflation.

Unfortunately, there has been no monetary and economic stability for over 5 years; The Turkish Lira is constantly losing its value, and people are seeking alternatives.

This is where we come into play!

Our team includes front runners from different backgrounds that will help speed-up the adoption of Dash in Turkey.

Our young, brilliant, razor sharp team is motivated and ready to devote their youth and do whatever it takes for to this noble cause.

Please refer to our:
  • Presentation; for details about our proposal and plans for the embassy.
  • Spreadsheet; which illustrates how we will allocate our funds.

Why shouldn’t the Network fund a Dash Embassy in Turkey?

With Dash, Turkey will have an option, a door, a red pill, a light in its pitch-black darkness!

With Dash, the Turkish people will be woke enough to realize that they do not need to abide by any rules forced upon them.

With Dash, the Turks will politely opt out of any monopoly, cartel and kleptocratic system they had to tolerate.

We have examples like Venezuela; it may be late for them, but it isn't late for Turkey.

Your vote shapes history and has the power to turn hope into reality! Not just for Turkey but for the entire ecosystem of Dash and its network.

Dash set off to lift dark clouds and bring down blockades to free nations; as Dash Embassy Turkey, we want to be part of this revolution to serve and bring value to humanity.

With your support we will grow our embassy, get to action, and reach goals one by one.

We appreciate your time, interest and consideration.

Teşekkürler! (Thank you!)
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