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Wallet for easy transaction

The Natural

New member
I started buying Dash last fall, just a few, from BitPanda which is very serious and problemfree for me.
But I only have a Trezor and it has always stayed in there as I haven't done any transactions yet. I hope as we all here do of course, that there will be ever increasing good opportunities to circulate some in the near future. A bummer though is the law to pay capital tax on profits, even if just buying a cup of coffee. Here in Norway it's 23%, down from 24% of last year.

I don't have a smartphone but should get one in order to do transcations on the move. I was wondering, what kind of Dash wallet should I go for? I'm pretty green here. Is it just to install now or will a new and improved wallet arrive with Evolution that might make the wait worth? It's not like I need this very soon, I would just learn a little about this and have a plan when it's time to go for it.

Thanks a lot for any input anyone is willing to share.
Hi there - I would say any of the mobile wallets will work fine for you, the Dash wallets and Edge are all very user friendly. Dash Electrum and Dash Core would also be fine for you on desktop. Download links here: https://www.dash.org/wallets