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Wall of Coins Integration

Ryan Taylor

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Integration efforts with Wall of Coins continues and remains on pace for a February release. In fact, I'm pleased to announce that CEO Robert Genito has opened the Dash API to the community for testing, experimentation, and / or developing solutions integrated with Wall of Coins. This is a major milestone in the project.

The main WoC reference server is experiencing a minor problem preventing its use. In the meantime, WoC has put up a temporary workaround Dash API server. Until the issue is resolved, the reference server will serve on port 7000. Here are the reference clients for buying and selling Dash:

The reference client for BUYING DASH:

The reference client to get CASH for DASH:

On both of those links there is “API Endpoint”, which needs to be changed to include “:7000” at the end of the URL. This is only temporary until the server issues are resolved. The full API Endpoint for the WoC DASH reference server is:

Developers may begin using these APIs to prepare any apps planning to use the WoC service. Once the admin resolves the server issues, the reference server will return to the regular port for HTTP and HTTPS on woc.reference.genitrust.com and sandbox.wallofcoins.com.

An update to WoC's current reference client wiki documentation is coming soon as well as formal documentation.

I encourage the community - especially developers - to explore the possible use of the Wall of Coins platform.

Just as an example, I am working with a payments gateway looking to offer its clients a white-label solution leveraging WoC and Dash in the background to transfer value from consumer to merchant. In fact, neither the consumer nor the merchant will even be aware that Dash is involved in the transaction. The consumer deposits cash at any of the 120,000 convenient locations WoC offers (and that's just in the U.S.). The merchant receives a payment confirmation from the gateway and a deposit to their bank account the next day.

WoC will be a powerful tool for building out other payment solutions - and with InstantSend integrated, we offer a tangible speed advantage compared to Bitcoin on the WoC platform. I'm excited to see what our community of developers dreams up.

I will post additional updates here as they become available.