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vulnerability bounty fund


New member
I was going checking out Ethereum Bounty program and think we should consider something similar for Dash

This is from theyr site:

"The value of rewards paid out will vary depending on severity of impact. Rewards for minor 'harmless' bugs start at 0.05 BTC. Major bugs, for example leading to consensus issues, will be rewarded up to 5 BTC. Much higher rewards are possible (up to 25 BTC) in case of very severe vulnerabilities."

They cover
Protocol security
Implementation security
Network security
Node security
Client application security

Cryptographic primitives security


What do you all think ?


New member
I don't know if that is a sound idea...
I've about had my fill of black hats and white hats... all that mess.
Confidence in the DASH team and testing is possibly better than offering a starting block to ransomeware coder/hackers???
I just don't know...