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Vote against 'Core Team Taxes' could put things into jeopardy


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Just wanted to inform us all that voting against 'Core Team Taxes' could put entire Dash Core team into jeopardy.

This is because by law, taxes are payable *before* salaries. And 119 votes against it could make it hard to pass this proposal. Basically Dash Core team could be forced to fire engineers in order to pay taxes first.
Mastenodes attanetion ! Either you vote 'yes' both to Core Team Compensation and Core Team Taxes and Core Team Legal or we go voting for a new government in democratic republic of Dash :)

Seriously: failing any of those votes will put things in jeopardy, sending our Dash engineers home without a job. Be very careful with what you wish for, and what you vote for, dear Masternodes !


Do a better job!

DASH is the dinghy that has been coasting on the tide of BTC's undeserved high valuation for a long time now. Collapse was not only possible, not only likely, but inevitable.

You need to raise your own value instead of telling everyone else it's their fault that the tide went down where we knew it was going to go and now you can't pay your bills.

We saw this coming for a long damn time. Progress is preparation. Progress was not made. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

This proposal will almost certainly pass anyway. The recipients have expounded at length that they have contingencies. Nobody is going to get fired if it doesn't pass.

Driving votes with fraudulent fear tactics? I thought the blockchain utopia was going to purge such ugliness from the world?

It looks like a few MNOs are starting to wise up, and you're mad at them for it? Looks like they're also smart enough to simply send a message with a nudge instead of something worse... Not that there are enough intelligent MNOs to force a change...

I genuinely hope you can pull out of your nosedive, but it would have been better to listen to me and avoid getting into the nosedive in the first place.

This "We need a massive, expensive internal bureaucracy before we can do anything!" and "It's not perfect yet!" This kind of crap doesn't work in crypto. You have grow organically with the features you develop as they are developed. Not sit on your thumbs for years riding the welfare tide talking about how great it's going to be someday... Taking this direction has been an absolutely catastrophic mistake that would have sunk the ship if not for other projects being even more incompetent. Hopefully it won't be terminal... But a screw-up of epic proportions it clearly has been, and continues to be.

The refusal to grow organically over the last few years and depend on a top-down bomb drop being on time, exactly the right feature set, not be totally ignored by other hyped (non-)developments, no predictable, overbearing, destructive knee-jerk government abuse (too late!), etc... It's a huge risk there was no reason to take. And, now... You've painted yourself into a corner. You don't have any other options. This foolish, enormous, artificial risk is your only hope. It's a few years down the road. There's no going back. I really hope you get it perfect because you won't get a second chance. You may not even get a first chance...

At risk, you say? The leadership has put the project at risk by choosing an unnecessarily risky path that opposes the nature of the crypto environment. This vote is nothing to the risk you sit in daily as a result of choosing this path.
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