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Very nice proposal, for Dashboost, discounts of up to $ 3 for each person who pays with Dash


Hello everyone, I am Richard Jerez leader of the Dash Community in Los Teques, state Miranda in Venezuela, organic allies of our Community Madre Dash Caracas and Dash Venezuela, altogether with our allied community Dash Valencia, we organized and agreed to present our best proposal to achieve the biggest amount of attention possible from all the users and merchants from the high mirandinos region and western center area of Venezuela, to adopt Dash as a way of payment and to enjoy the benefits of working and charging in dash, granting discounts to clients that accept dash.

We are two communities from Venezuela, named Dash Valencia and Dash Los Teques, we are allies of Dash Venezuela and we share the objective of promoting Dash usage by providing a discount to acquire goods and services at less price. What we want is that the merchants and entrepreneurs which accept Dash in our cities, offer a discount to their customers if they pay with Dash, with the sole purpose of stimulate people to change Bs (Venezuelan fiat currency) to Dash and use Dash for their everyday purchases. We, in accordance with the entrepreneurs willing to participate in our program, will pay for the difference between the normal and discounted price, until a maximum of 3 USD per sale. The entrepreneur will develop a social media campaign announcing this promotion and indicating how to buy Dash using Bs. Project Scope Statement.

Project Purpose / Business Justification
We will train 20 entrepreneurs distributed between Los Teques and Valencia cities, teaching them about Dash and making them offer a discount equivalent to 3 USD per purchase to 10 of their customers. Each customer will be eligible once, and for a single purchase, and at the same time, the customer will learn about Dash, how to exchange Bs (VE fiat currency) to Dash, and how to use Dash to pay for they purchases. The money spent by the entrepreneur offering the discount described above, will be reimbursed by the Dash Communities of Los Teques and Valencia, with the funds allowed to this proposal.