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V12.1 Testnet Launch Thread

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I had same issue too, found nothing suspicios in code so far though...
@crowning I bet you're more familiar with restart/repair code ;) could you have a look into this pls?
I'll check later today, let's wait how it behaves with Evan's sync-fix applied.

Little update:
@UdjinM6 , I've successfully fixed the wallet-repair issue for Linux and Mac (the TOR thread blocked the main thread from exiting), but Windows (as always) refuses to behave. Major pain in the derriere...
Why did we fork? :)

Ugh, not sure which is the correct fork, the 11974 or 12175 ???
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I can't get one of my MNs on the correct fork. It refuses even after adding a bunch of addnodes= from the list on my windows wallet - ugh!
Okee Dokee, no problem :)

Yah, it looks like we forked again (probably a lot, LOL)
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14 Collateral Payments
1000 tDASH
4 Rounds

That's WAY to many.

What are others getting?

I have a really good connection.

Left the lappy on all day while at work...
...Not sure when it completed ....??

Actually - still at 99% and it just Denominated 3X in the past 5 mins
PVT'd : 999.80998800 tDASH completed
I wonder if it will keep going.... for how long...??
9-10 hours now - lol

anywho - awaiting new release.... Try again.....

but still - WAY too many: Coll. Pmt's
[for the masses]
edit: I w/could completely understand if I was in Guatemala :p
@up it's still peanuts for anonymising 7500$ in such quick way don't you think?
There is something wrong, so I'm just waiting for the next version to come out. It's probably the same thing that caused your collateral fees :p
I reiterate my feature request. A simple click mark to hide PrivateSend denom tx.
@AjM - not really the same thing, or is it? Though truth be said, I don't have a real usage wallet to see.
Because it would be too fast for normal user. :rolleyes: Keypool has only 1000 keys by default and at that speed it would be depleted in no time - you need to be very careful with your wallet and backups but imo normal users only remember about that when things already gone wrong badly. We could set keypool to say 10.000 keys by default but this would significantly slowdown wallet creation (and again, no guarantee that there won't be wallet corruption one day and "ah,oh" situation).

Why cant process make more keys on the fly if needed?

- Mix process notices aha, no more keys
- Stop process and make more keys
- Save and backup wallet
- Continue process
- And so on...
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@AjM - not really the same thing, or is it? Though truth be said, I don't have a real usage wallet to see.
If you dont want see privatesend tx's, most common type hides them but shows other tx's.
Or are we talking about something else?

edit: typo
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I know it does, I meant that I dont have a "usual usage" wallet, with everyday life transactions. Maybe some service or frequently used address might auto-hide too. Just saying, it would be more end-user intuitive to have that clearly marked and tucked away. No being fussy, just suggesting
I'm testing mixing with privatesendmultisession, and its a pleasure watch, nice speed,
this is how it should be from the beginning, i hope privatesendmultisession can be default in the near future.

Wallet 1, after 2 hours mixing, done 68%.
Wallet 2, after 2 hours mixing, done 94%.

1000 / 2 rounds.
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