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v0.10.16.x Testing

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We're going to be testing v16 to see if we can find any issues before launching on mainnet. This branch is the full release of what I had done of InstantX, but with InstantX disabled, so there's a lot of changes:

- Masternodes can now make a limited number of zero-fee transaction for Darksend. These are special transactions that require a signature that only the masternodes can create.
- Darksend now has no fees to track what-so-ever, all that will ever be in Darksend transactions are Darksend denominations.
- I've implemented a subscription based model for darksend, the per-round idea was flawed and could have been attacked. Instead, the subscriptions are the exact amount as a collateral charge, so if you get charged collateral it's actually just buying more time for Darksend.
- Added queue gaming protection
- Clients remember which masternodes they've connected to in the past and won't use them against.
- Dsee/Dseep messages have been fixed so they only take newer signatures than the one they have
- 2 different kinds of client crashes have been fixed
- Split up main.cpp into core.cpp
- Split up darksend.cpp into masternode.cpp, activemasternode.cpp and instantx.cpp
- Added modular ProcessMessages for Darksend, Masternodes and InstantX

What we need to launch:

- Lots has changed, please try to use Darksend and make sure it works. Let me know if you find any bugs.
- We need miners, anyone can solo mine or use a pool : http://ec2-54-197-214-187.compute-1.amazonaws.com/
- We need masternodes

Many thanks go to Aswan for finding the security issue with Darksend, donations for the work can be sent here:
DRK: XnNazPB1fPS59P9CfEtZWtqcmDttFWNj7A

Get test DRK:


CI-builds for v0.10.16.2


Windows 32bit:

Mac OS X:

Linux 32bit:

Linux 64bit:


The Darkcoin Team
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- Darksend now has no fees to track what-so-ever, all that will ever be in Darksend transactions are Darksend denominations.

Awesome, I think this will also help greatly with adoption and PR. :smile:

Will fire up a testnet MN - need to test SMUT 1-click MN install ;) - and a mining rig in an hour or so.
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2 things.
1 - I have a VPS running a liquidity provider I would gladly convert into a testing MN.
2 - Can we change the term "subscription" to something else? http://www.thesaurus.com/browse/subscription "Subscription" will feed the trolls harping about centralization.

Agree, we can just call it the Darksend fee, its not like we are running Netflix or something. It is just a fee to avoid spamming and sybil attacks. This will avoid a lot of confusion, just my 2 duffs.
Something like " The Darksend fee will be paid in a separate transaction, before the process starts to avoid the fees revealing any information related to the Darksend process while protecting it from spammers..." just an idea the wording can be different.
one note: version number for 0.10.16.x already was (liquidity providers) and now we are back to :rolleyes:

By the way, is mining from the wallet via "setgenerate true" useful?

setgenerate true -1
for full cpu
any hash power will be useful

I'll fire up my miners tonight after work :)
approx 22:00 EST

be nice to play with 1 local solo GPU rig, 1 remote solo rig
it's like 18Mhash

Who has a link a the newer and faster miner for my 270x's :)
started a tMN but cant's see it in masternode list and list is actually empty on remote server and in local qt wallet

also got this in debug.log
2014-11-12 21:40:40 Successfully synced, asking for Masternode list and payment list
2014-11-12 21:40:40 dsee - Got bad masternode address signature
2014-11-12 21:40:40 Misbehaving: (0 -> 100) DISCONNECTING

EDIT: tMN is spamming in stdout with "Broadcasting that I'm ready" (message should go to debug.log I guess)
EDIT2: masternode list on tMN server now shows my ip only, see my comment below
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