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v0.10.12.x RC4 Testing

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RC4 Update is happening in about 30 minutes. I'm pretty happy with the way it's working, we'll iron out any other issues in RC5. Thanks everyone for all of the help, you guys are amazing :)

Thank you to all the devs and testing community for all of your efforts.

I had my contract notice served at work today which is a total bummer but this news has cheered me up loads :D
I have set keep anon funds to 800, and i have 2236 anon balance, what about you?

defunctec: just in case you want to know: After I reset "the amount of Darkcoin to keep anonymized" to 2000, the wallet got 10 DS denominates, and 4300 more coins got anonymized, for a total of 5799 anonymized coins now.
Evan, flare, and team: Thanks for all your hard work. I really enjoyed doing some testing with the windows wallet and being part of this community. Could we still continue to have the faucet open and this site open to do some more testing the next few days? Thank you. :)
I have a silly question, I hope Evan doesn't mind, but I just have to ask: If something doesn't work quite right, there will be more updates, but NO reverting back to the previous DS version, correct? Thank you.
Any idea why Mac OS X Stable wallet (9.12.25 ) link at darkcoin.io says "Not Found"? Most probably, there is a new 9.12.26 version and someone is updating the link?
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