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Btw, you can read as to how I came about joining the board on the following thread, but I've also put my response here below:


"Yes, Evan knew I had access to resources that could help make this happen [the foundation]. I recommended an attorney I've worked with in the past, Harold Boo, whom has experience structuring 501(c)6 legal entities and has had interest and involvement in cryptocurrencies prior. Anyone who knows Harold knows he's meticilous, fair, and an all around solid guy. So we started the process of setting up the foundation which took a couple of months. I covered the initial legal expenses of setting up the foundation which were later reimbursed.

During the initial discussions with Evan, we felt it was an obvious choice that he be on the board representing the tech. We thought Harold should be on the board being the only one of us with expertise in setting up and operating foundations and to help make sure everything runs smoothly (which he has done very well). We knew for certain there should be a privacy advocate and both Fernando and Kristov Atlas were initially recommended. I volunteered to be on the board to represent Darkcoin as an investment, as I knew many of the largest holders. And lastly we knew it was critical to make sure the community had a voice on the board to which Evan recommended Chris Rimoldi.

In the end we feel we have a very balanced and fair board that represents all the aspects of the coin each with an equal voice. Tech, Privacy, Community, Investment and Foundation."