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UPDATE and Path Forward from Amanda B. Johnson


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Hello and thanks for taking the time!

Firstly, a list of coverage achieved over the past 30 days:

In making the proposal to fund the above coverage, I assumed the most fertile ground for spreading DASH awareness was among the crypto un-initiated. I thought that DASH would do well to try to get its name out there to newbs in the midst of growing cryptocurrency awareness.

I was wrong. Or rather, just not as right as I should have been.

Most of the un-initiated reporters I’ve been talking to over the last few months pretty much only want to know the supposed reasons for Bitcoin price movements, and whether their readers should buy it. When I steer the conversation toward DASH, it just leaves them even more confused than they already are. They can’t wrap their heads around one crypto, much less the fact that there are many and why DASH is best at so many things.

You already know this, though. You know that without something like DASH Evolution, the notion of a public blockchain is doomed in the long-term. I know this, too, but I was mistaken in believing that the un-initiated would at least be interested to talk about DASH pre-Evolution.


I now believe that the most fertile ground for DASH is -- for example -- amongst readers of r/cryptocurrency. That is, people who already own one or more crypto and likely trade on exchanges. Because they’re using exchanges, these people see their options and definitely know that DASH is among them. Awareness issue already solved there, so that leaves open the sell. This appears to me to be a much more fertile ground to start making DASH value propositions.

Because of this, I have cancelled my contract with PMBC (the PR firm whom I'd hired with treasury funds these last three months) and am currently developing a new YouTube series which covers the whole of the cryptosphere, set to launch on March 6. (Yeah!)

The series will live on the Amanda B. Johnson YouTube channel (that’s where The Daily Decrypt archive lives, by the way). I will naturally not ask for any treasury funds for this project, as it will not be DASH-specific. Coin-specific content doesn't tend to do well among the r/cryptocurrency crowd. And face it -- it doesn't tend to do well with you, either. Industry-inclusive content does better than coin-specific content at this time in the journey. Why? Because we all find the larger discussion to be more interesting, even when we have our favorites.

I am, however, interested in potentially asking for giveaway funds once Evolution comes out. I have found giveaways to be EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE (#FirstDashWallet, anyone?) and am open to conducting DASH giveaways on my show. I'm especially interested in incentivizing the already-initiated (that is, regular viewers of the show) to give away DASH to members of their civic, community, school, and church organizations (that is, to the un-initiated).


I’d like to use this opportunity – after having updated you on my most recent work as a treasury employee, as well providing an update on my path forward – to thank you for having trusted me with the funds that you did over the past three months. I hope that the experience and conclusion I’ve shared here are even a little valuable to you as a DASH investor.

Please watch for my new show to launch on March 6. I'm pretty excited about it.

To our mutual investment,

Amanda B. Johnson
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It takes a lot to admit that things need to go a different direction!

I do think content that is mixed is better for the wider community in general. A lot of people missed your daily decrypt project and stopped hearing about Dash after you became exclusive due to their bias. And many youtubers came out to replace the void you left.

Even dash force news gets maximalist attacks about paying for content that is not strictly dash. Wide variety of content is needed to bring new people in if nothing else just for the keywords and search engines. I think dash should fund a independent crypto research site, just like ben swann is a independent journalist.

I think it will remain no secret that you don't appreciate Dash, so asking for sponsorship down the line in should be easy.

It's almost going out of style to only own one coin. It's like only having one type of investment.
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Thanks for your work over the past few months @amanda_b_johnson - I've been reading recently about the Sunk Cost Fallacy and it takes courage to admit something isn't working out how you planned. It also demonstrates the value of putting in regular small proposals rather than one large proposal. Good luck and stay dashy!
This is a good development @amanda_b_johnson! Perhaps with the PMBC contract you had the right idea but the wrong time. Thanks for the regular updates, and good luck on the new series launch!
Could of told you this a long time ago. No one owns just one coin, even so called bitcoin maximalists secretly hold other coins. Why else are we seeing the rise of decentralized exchanges that will also provide merchant APIs e.g. Kyber Networks, ICON etc.

Unfortunately, Dash Force News also suffers from this problem. But as stated above, the moment they publish something non-dash, they get criticized... they should ignore the criticism; it's okay to talk multi-crypto and hold a bias, so long as you're open about it. Flaws aside, I can tolerate the DFN website, but their weekly podcast is a big echo chamber. I mean, good for shilling dash, but completely closed off to other cryptos.
Hi Amanda!! Great pivot =) I believe your approach here is fantastic, and your attitude is impeccable.
Also, Basilpop ripped me a new asshole for proposing this course a few months ago, he's totally right, I'm not rooted in the community. At all. And also, I think the way he treated me was completely lame.

Hey everyone I'm new here but I have been chewing on an idea for more than a year now. I study banking and monetary history as a hobby. Dash's utility is currently being developed. But Dash and other coins have little incentive for monetary velocity. Banks discount there product though loan interest rates. This is one velocity incentive. It's also inflationary. Most digital money is the opposite. It's deflationary so a coins incentive is to buy hold then trade the gains. This incentive works against velocity. I believe there is a missed opportunity here. Just the increase Velocity of Dash could work better than the best marketing ideas. Subsidizing digital money requires a vehicle. Dash doesn't have the nature or the policy of banks who use interest rate manipulation. So a Dash vehicle to subsidize itself is naturally counterintuitive. Hard for the mind to see.
Samuel, what you are describing is a restatement of Gresham's law. Bad money drives out good money. If given the choice, people want to spend (get rid of) the money they know is going to be worth less tomorrow. Who wants to hold Venezuelan Bolivars? Yeah, nobody. So, by comparison, they save or hoard the good/stable/appreciating currency, like Dash.

However, the simple statement of Gresham's law ignores the other half of the equation, the merchants. What do the merchants want to receive? The crappy inflationary local fiat? Or the stable, ever-more-valuable cryptocurrency with iron-clad limitations on how many coins can be produced? Obviously, Dash, not Bolivars. This results in merchants offering significant discounts to people who pay with Dash.

Plus, as more people earn Dash, if they want to pay their rent, Dash is all they have to spend. So, the velocity of Dash may never exceed the velocity of the Bolivar, it should have enough velocity to become a major player.
Well said. I was partially giving reference to Gresham law. I'm trying to point out the nature of Dash is very different than say a fiat bank loan.

Banks create and make debt agreements that are legally backed by the same laws as cash. They also discount this debt with the adjustment of interest rates. Interest rates act as a subsidy for there product which is debt.

Subsidizing Dash is simple concept but it is the means that has dramatic potential to add velocity.
I can say that personally, I find myself interested specifically in DASH among all digital currencies thanks to the AMAZING job you've done in sharing knowledge in a u/i we can all understand (smile) so thanks. But to your comment, I don't think you can say "uninitiated" because with a current market cap 1/2 the size of Amazon, thats like pretty much everyone.

If I can be bold enough to suggest targeting college students, and professionals in economics, accounting and finance. Most people have a hard time understanding the nature of supply and demand.

And if I'm not already being a total ham. I have a proposal for a DASH HBCU CAMPUS TOUR that I just posted. Seeing that my interest is engagement, I'd appreciate your comments.
there are just way too many cryptos out there. over 1500 now... no wonder why people are confused.

I think we need to educate people not to fall in icos, none minable cryptos, simple copies of ideas, and


Or maybe its too late to educate them.. newbs probably lost lots of money already by

buying ripples, nems, nextcoin, trons, etc.

Maybe its better for us to focus on educating how efficient and easy to use dash world wide?
Been following your work for many years (I think we were even facebook friends way back when). Glad you're still part of the larger Dash ecosystem even if you're branching out to cover other topics, looking forward to your new efforts and continued work in this space!
Seems like they're proving the critics wrong... Notice how the accusations came just as the marketplace spiked? Wanted to scare people off of the safe haven at prime profit-taking time... No evidence presented. They've been following up with evidence that shows they actually can back it... Makes you wonder if the guv itself isn't operating all these bullshit ICOs and spreading all the FUD. No one but guv stands to benefit from it...

My tinfoil hat is a sombrero.
there are just way too many cryptos out there. over 1500 now... no wonder why people are confused.

I think we need to educate people not to fall in icos, none minable cryptos, simple copies of ideas, and


Or maybe its too late to educate them.. newbs probably lost lots of money already by

buying ripples, nems, nextcoin, trons, etc.

Maybe its better for us to focus on educating how efficient and easy to use dash world wide?
"Filter non-minable and premined" is the "shitcoin filter"
Exciting news. I think it's important that you extend your reach beyond Dash because it can demonstrate you unbiased education to the space, therefore allowing Dash to stand out even amongst other cryptos (not just pouring hype back into it's own ecosystem).