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UPDATE 10/9!!! To my fellow Dash lovers with humility!!!

Have you ever been helped by a stranger during a time of need?

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My name is Peter Fillmore

Update!! 10/11/17 - It is looking good for me getting the job, of course now there is the background check which takes a week and then the 4-week first paycheck waiting:(
Lol well, I'll keep doing online surveys, and fix-it jobs as I can get them but I'm still left in an awful spot. Those who have donated to me and sent me positive wishes you have been amazing. If you know others who might be able to help or can share this posting with your social media I would be grateful. I'm so close now just need to hold on until the actual paychecks start coming in but have 1/2 rent and bills at critical lateness before then. Again bless and thank you all!

Today (10/06/2017) I applied for another grants for assistance and was disqualified due to my response of not having employment. I feel this was not entirely fair in this case as I am doing any jobs (chores, handyman, fixing computers, etc.) for people that I can, I post my services on local online bulletin boards as well. I also sell things for people on consignment to earn extra money. I am actively applying for and interviewing for jobs, however, keep getting vague rejection letters and emails. I have been unemployed for well over a year and have a hard time even getting interviews because of a DUI on my record from 6 or 7 years ago. I suffer from depression and this last year has been the hardest of my life. I have gotten to a point a of despair and feeling of hopelessness that makes even getting out of bed in the morning a challenge.

I have beautiful twin daughters that are 5 years old and the light of my life. I have only one friend left and he is struggling as well and not the best place to turn for support of any kind. As my ex-wife receives some assistance from the state I am ineligible for any assistance through the State of Utah and unemployment has denied me. With not much in the way of a support system it truly feels like the world has turned its back on me. I am trying to keep positive and keep going but I am just so tired of rejection and solitude. I apologize if I'm spilling my guts to you here but I really have nothing and no one. My gas has been disconnected for 6 months. my power will be shut off any day and by the end of this month, I'm not sure I'll be able to convince my landlord to extend me another month. I am facing homelessness and I am very scared.

I only eat on average 1.5 meals every 2 days so that the little money I earn from side jobs I can use to make sure my daughters have all the food they need when they are here on the weekends. So please, if you could possibly find it in your hearts to help me in any way that you can, be it financialy, with food or clothing for me and the children, help landing a job or even a kind word it really would mean so so much. I am not a lazy person nor am I a bad person. I am a good hearted father who has had a very rough couple of years and really needs to catch a break. If you can't help I will listen to any other suggestion you have. I am desperate and I do not qualify for anything it seems; am I to just waste away because I don't fit into anyone's list? I don't know what will happen to me with Utah winter coming.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I thank you in advance for any assistance that you can render.

Peter Fillmore
(385) 248-7594
[email protected]

Yes... they're twins (fraternal)
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Raptor, thank you so much it truely means the world to me... I am a big macho guy and this has me tearing up. When I am in a better place I will either pay you back or pay it forward whichever is your preference.

Once again thank you thank you thank you!!!!!
Oh my god!

What a surprise to wake up to!!!! Oh wow. I am speechless (rare for me!) I don't have the words to express the gratitude I feel for you guys!!! Raptor73 and Dandy you guys have brought me hope, truly you have. I have not felt so happy in such a long long time. Thank you so so so much! I feel like I'm just blabbering on incoherently but I'm in total shock. That you would give of your own hard earned money to help a stranger on the internet speaks volumes of your character; I cannot stress enough how much of a blessing this is to my family and I and the warmth and community I have felt since getting involved with this Dash community has been amazing.

It was not an easy thing to post my plea to the forum like I did. I say this not in self-aggrandizement but in awe of the courage and heart it took for you to read it and be moved enough to lend assistance; I'd like to believe I would do the same in your position but it certainly takes a special type of person.

We (Zoey [dark hair] Emma [blonde] and I) thank you and hope to be in a better place very soon so I can start re-building financially and be in the state of mind and of emotion that I want to be. I am really so excited about the changes and massive social good an organization like Dash and their Dao model will do serving as a shining example of doing it right! I think the feeling of anticipation of something obvious yet long over-due permeates throughout this community and I feel at home here. As a strong advocate for both privacy and decentralization on a grand scale, I am honored to be a part of this.

Please if anyone needs assistance with any projects let me know, I have experience as a graphic designer in the print industry and know my way around most OS's and web servers. I'm already a cheerleader for the cause but if there is more to be done I am ready and willing.

Once again a special thank you to Raptor73 and Dandy, you two are heroes to my children and me; I hope I can live up to that standard in my life.

Dandy you reminded me of something His Holiness the Dalai Lama said, of which I needed reminding:
“There is a saying in Tibetan, ‘Tragedy should be utilized as a source of strength.’
No matter what sort of difficulties, how painful experience is, if we lose our hope, that’s our real disaster.”

With love and respect.
Peter Fillmore