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Unexpected erasure. Recover wallet.dat


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Hello all!
I had Dash core wallet (version was actual to October) and Win 7 x64.
Yesterday I found that my wallet have been cleaned by the unrecognised cause. The root cause doesn't matter right now..
I've used R-Studio to recover my "deleted" wallet.dat (and backup file also), then installed new Dash Core installation, but it was unsuccesfull because I faced with error "wallet.dat currupt, salvage failed"...

Could you help me please with it? Is it possible to repair dat file or another way to have access to wallet?

Thank you!

wallet corrupt.png
check for your back up files (wallet.dat) on computer
use them - they can NOT be all corrupted !
(did u wipe your system or how did this corruption happen ? - the more info the easier it is to help u)
You should check your %APPDATA%/DashCore/backups folder for any uncorrupted backups that may exist, Dash Core usually creates a backup of your wallet file on startup. If your only copy is corrupt, you can try to start Dash with the -salvagewallet option enabled. There are also some wallet recovery scripts available that can try to scan the file for private keys. In the future, please keep backups in a physically separate location!