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unconfirmed, in the memory


Today it has happened to me for the second time that a transaction is reflected in my desktop wallet as unconfirmed, in the memory equipment.

The first time it happened:

Date: 10/14/2022 17:05
For: XekyTs6pKpm5bpRKebhYvmozW16zkuYqfo
Debit: -0.47937710 DASH
Transaction fee: -0.00000225 DASH
Net amount: -0.47937935 DASH
Transaction ID: 531f04cf9029a24f03392e9f8edfae604998520c31539d1828554bcc2f773fab
Output index: 1
Total transaction size: 225 bytes

And today it happened to me again.

I have used the command repair wallet rescan blockchain 1 and have not achieved anything.

Is there any option to repair this event?


Dash Core version v18.1.0
Right click on the transaction and select resend transaction, also confirm you are connected to peers and the block count is a match with explorer.