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Ukrainian DASH Community - Payment System, Video Blogs, Conferences

This a sample of flyers we're giving away on our conferences. Those are in Russian language, though I'll add a translated version soon!


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About conferences:
1) The next event is scheduled on June 17th in Vinnitsia.
More details on http://blockchaintalks.com.ua
2) The approximate number of attendees is hard to predict, the marketing is still in the process but for now you can see the stats on our facebook event itself - https://www.facebook.com/events/1041009112665981

About vlogs:
1) The first vlog has 1019 views and 32 likes.
The number of followers grown from 0 to 33 with one video alone without any ads.
2) The second video is going to be published on June 15th.
3) Alongside with the second video we're starting marketing of Dash.com.ua Youtube channel. To run ads with 1 video didn't make any sense before.
Another awesome meetup was held at Vinnitsia. Very lovely city, distinct architecture and a hungry audience is all that is needed for a great time.

Obviously the biggest concern was the number of people that might or might not come in this relatively small city but for our surprise there were quite enough people that are ready and able to consume Blockchain-related content.

So we gathered about 30 people, 20-30% of which were miners, the rest were mostly business owners. Some people started to work in this space from early 2013 which is kind of cool.

Most of the questions were addressed from technological and legal side. However since Dash was our primary focus, a lot of people became rather interested in this digital currency as well. Some of the people found it fascinating and actually want to learn about it even deeper.

Thus, there were addressed such topics:

- Blockchain – technology based on trust
- The market of Blockchain projects
- An overview of Dash cryptocurrency
- Implementing of Blockchain in security system
- Cryptocurrency and a law

Here’s a link to Dash presentation I used this time. I added some unique slides that you may as well use at your own meetups.



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Kherson was one of the most challenging places so far. The streets are almost empty cause everybody probably got to the sea on weekends.

However the actual audience was rather interested and asked thoughtful questions. We even found some people from 2011 which was mind-boggling.

What makes my heart happy is a realization that the vast majority of people actually love Dash and find this project very promising and the one that can take off in the near future.

The topics that were discussed:

- Blockchain – technology of trust
- The market of Blockchain projects
- Cryptocurrency - invest or trade
- Implementation of cryptocurrency into real sector of economy
- An overview of Dash cryptocurrency
- Cryptocurrency and a law




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