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Ukraine: cryptocurrency meet-up in Zhytomyr


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Hi to everyone!

We’ve held an event in Zhytomyr on April 8-th, as promised in our proposal

So, lets get started with the event.

We’ve set up a Facebook event for this.



10:30 – Coffee time! Beginning of a conference. Getting in touch with visitors.
11:00 – Blockchain – how it works and what it does.
11:30 – Cryptocurrency market overview.
12:00 – Legal implementation of Cryptocurrency.
12:30 – Coffee break.
13:00 – Blockchain-based projects.

13:30 – Mining and Masternodes.
14:00 – Wallets and how to pay.
14:30 – Cryptocurrency exchanges- to invest or to trade?
15:00 – ICO as a new way of investment.

Time: 4,5 hours

Total Facebook reach - 3739 people.

How many attended: approximately 30 people. We were actually surprised by the amount of people, who came from Kiev to Zhytomyr to attend our event. They’ve traveled 120 kilometers - isn’t it a benchmark of people’s deep interest?))

By the way, Zhytomyr is not a very vibrant city, and we still managed to get plenty of people. It seems like we could easily get 50 or even 80 people for the next conference in KIEV.


Mining and Masternodes: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9weDxdUxpbkdUFiLTBJOXhidmM

Blockchain – how it works and what it does:


Cryptocurrency market overview: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9weDxdUxpbkUkhqX19JOHBmdjQ

Legal Implementation of Crypto: https://prezi.com/view/4sPzceK0bom52I9dWS6S/

IMPORTANT NOTE: These are just highlights, not all the presentations.

Video and photo: (Sorry for the poor quality – unfortunately we left some of the filming equipment in Kiev…)



Everything went great: people had a lot of questions and even doubts about crypto, though many of them are experienced investors and traders – not newbies. They were hungry for information, ideas and insights on cryptocurrency! Interesting thing I noticed: people have a lot of skepticism about DASH. Many were questioning the two-tier network structure. Well, it’s the most obvious difference from other currencies.

Anyway, I found the way to convince them and you know what? The guy came to me after a conference and said that he was doing Ethereum mining. “But now I’d like to move into DASH. Where can I get the miners you were talking about? Masternode? That’s interesting, but expensive. I’ll look for more people to cash in and probably would get one too” – he said. We are turning people from Ether to DASH!

All in all, conference turned out to be even better than we expected.

Would appreciate the feedback!
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