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Has anyone heard about Uhive? Its a new social network with its own crypto currency embedded in the network. I need insight or help! Is it legit? Safe?

Dennis Treble

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I recently downloaded Uhive, I like to get into new startups and cryptocurrencies, so I can see why you might be skeptical. I'm just gonna be honest with you because I wish someone was this honest with me before downloading. It's a super cool app, very easy to use my only concern is that it has a few bugs still (but they're still in beta). I would download the app if i were you and take advantage of their sale, 25% bonus tokens when you purchase. Referrals also give you tokens and the user that you send it to, I can give you mine if you're interested. You can also get tokens from user engagement and basically doing everyday social media tasks like scrolling, liking etc.


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Chaotic and they have totally no control over their network !
Working with topics like technology, animals, music, movies, ... but everyone puts everything where they want and Uhive does nothing to avoid this!
You have to give your interest and normally according to them, they would only present your interest .
Unfortunately, 20% of what they're suggesting is not your interest (especially women who like to promote their body) !
Also good network for criminels !
They can post what they want and where they want .