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Translate New Whitepapers

Got it, thanks. One more question. Do we have high resolution pictures for this whitepaper? Particularly I need the one showing the decline in reward over the next century. I want to translate description and legend for this picture, but for the love of God I can't read that small font.
Here is the one for Darkcoin https://i.imgur.com/z8BufxJ.png

Can't find any converter that can conver wiki file to PDF :(
".wiki" is actually a Markdown file. Look for "Markdown to PDF"
That is a good question ?!
Let me find them
Right on
I've just had a look at the Polish translation. I've also translated images for the white paper. If you want, you can add them to the Polish white paper from here
Good Idea but... try to log of imgur and follow your link - I spent few minutes playing there :grin:
On a serious note: there is an issue with public/private settings or smth like that - I can see nothing but