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Transform PR project closure report

The fact that the company does have a poor track record does not mean that they did not gave a good service to us.
I absolutely believe that you have an information about their poor performance and you had a bad experience with them.
But there is no reason to suggest that it happened to us - it did not. They served us well. Project is closed - there is no reason to constantly repeat how bad or good they are.
Not surprising. Again from an outsider looking in, all I have ever seen every time checking in here, is a lathargic, morose, nay-sayering, woe be me, doomsday, cannot be done, defeatist, miserable, unenthusiastic, sad sack, elitist, profound propagandist, beneath me. Attitude.

Your suggestion carries an implication that our built-in governance system does not work. Why attempt to circumvent the thing that was specifically designed to perform this very task (community funding of projects to help the network)?

IMO, this type of suggestion does make you seem like an outsider or disruptor. While I appreciate and share your enthusiasm for Dash, your suggestion itself was in fact nay-saying, defeatist, and counter-productive, because it would be moving backwards, not forward. You should attempt to better understand or fix the infrastructure we already have in place and utilize it in the best way possible if you really support the project--rather than attempt to change it into something it's not.

We're trying to build something stable and long-lasting here, and while we're open to new ideas and excitement, it will always be met with skepticism and scrutiny. Moreover, we can't be everything for everybody at the same time. Even though it is a community-driven project, there will always be a majority of like-minded individuals within the community which dictate the overall direction of it.

My feeling is that things which are infinitely adjustable, malleable and fluid have no real investment value. You need to have some sort of identity and stability to gain people's trust, otherwise what are you investing in? At first, it was Evan and his vision. Now it is not only Evan, but a whole community of people with mostly similar ideals and goals. So in effect, the nay-saying, negativity, elitism, etc. you complain about is exactly the reason Dash has a market cap of millions rather than thousands of dollars.

As always, with open source projects like this, anyone is free to go create his own version with the same code and take the project in a different direction. However, if you really wanted to change the direction of THIS project, you can always put your money where your mouth is and buy a few hundred masternodes. And the community would respect that. If you don't want to start your own project and you don't want to buy a controlling stake in Dash, then your ideas must appeal to the voting majority and be able to stand up to logic and scrutiny.

Sorry if this is a bit off-topic, but I think it is relevant since suggestions like this have the effect of moving Dash backwards, much like the closure of the PR project did.
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Hello, I'm not trying to stir things, I Just have some questions that are boggling me.
The Transform PR proposal states

Traditional Public Relations Elements
$6,000 per month for Public Relations, Thought Leadership, and Conferences

This proposal is only asking for partial funding of 1100 DASH for 3 months to complete the required budget as the currently existing PR budget will now be mostly dedicated to this program with Michael for the next 3 months and will cover most of the expenses. Depending on results we expect to continue to collaborate with Transform.PR during 2016.

the currently existing PR budget is currently worth $8'700
The Transform proposal currently worth $4'565
Total $13'265

Am I missing something or would it not have been necessary to keep the Terpin proposal even if the community wish for the project to continue?
There are more questions in here, like the budget was worth a lot less when the proposals were made.
It just all seems a bit of a muddle and unclear as to why the community voted down.
Maybe the majority do want Transform PR but it appears as though the extra funding is no longer necessary, I mean it would be reasonable to think that
since it is not clear what the currently existing PR budget is being spent on now the value has risen.
If that figure is correct, that is a lot of money. Like another user said in another post (I forget who), PR companies send write ups to all the crypto sites (that most people dont even bother reading)...which dont get me wrong...is good to get our updates out...but not for the money spent. Instead, create two really amazing videos and use those to get our news posted on not only the crypto sites (they are more likely to post ours with a video since they just want views)...but larger news outlets are more likey to run our story if we have a great video to go with it.

Its all about views, clicks and likes...proper videos will go further than a few articles on some shit blogs that are forgotten after a few days...these videos and be shared liked etc etc

edit - saying that...its no doubt too early to spend serious money of videos when evolution isnt even out yet