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Transaction not working using insight-api-dash

Mohd Afzal

New member

I am new to Dash and implementing transaction functionality where the user can send dash from one address to another address.
As a developer i am using insight-api-dash api for it.
I am unable to perform this task as i am very new to this dash.

Please help me out .
It will be great help for me.

Please tell on what exactly you are stuck or what exactly causes the difficulties?
Using insight-api-dash you can send a signed raw transaction. But you can't create and sign transaction with this api.
Thanks for replying my query.

Actually, I need to send dash money to any dash address .But I am unable to perform this activity and not able to find appropriate API to perform this task.
If there is any other API doing this task please let me know.

Please help me out as I need to complete this work as soon as possible.

Yes, that's the perfect answer I was looking for, I also found dash-cli is the nice idea to go on with.
For testing purpose, I am installing testnet .It's been hours since it is getting synchronized and from 1 hour it is saying No Block Source available and bar showing 14 hours behind.
I am attaching screenshot of my dash wallet please have a look if it is getting any error.



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Delete file "peers.dat" in testnet dir and try again.
If that doesn't help try "Tools" -> "Wallet Repair" -> "Rebuild index".
Seems like testnet now unavailable for 0.12.1.x. Tried myself and stuck on 2 MB block... Probably they testing 0.12.2.
regtest=1 in dash.conf should work. Check location of your dash.conf file. Must be in ~/.dashcore/