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This week (11/14) at Dash Core Group!


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Hello Dash community!

Here’s what’s been going on at Dash Core Group this week.

Change to enable masternode mode based on presence and validity of the masternode BLS private key, rather than the redundant ‘masternode’ argument, to simplify detection and enablement of masternode mode

⚖️ Small change updating the name of masternode-tx parameter to mn-collateral-tx in the voteraw RPC command, which compiles and relays governance votes, to make it more clear that it refers to the masternode collateral transaction ID and index

‍ Completed several tasks for Query Indices to further improve the retrieval of data from Drive

Continued work on documentation for Identities as well as the technical design document for Credit System, which will ensure masternodes are compensated for the storage of data on Drive

Added special transactions to bloom filter on DashWallet iOS to ensure wallet can retrieve special transaction types, which are used for non-financial transactions such as registering a masternode

Fixed a bug on DashWallet Android affecting number decimals and removed old InstantSend and masternode-related code no longer needed in the new LLMQ-based system


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