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These price fluctuations :(

Why the panic mode?
Just look at the 30 day graph and think about how much it went up in value since the end of February.

It will bounce back, don't worry. It still has a looong way to go... up I mean ;)
Don't worry about it, it will go back up. Just like Bitcoin it will continue to exceed it's previous all time highs during it's growth as a currency.
weak hands panic sold.. And they'll pay the price for not being able to keep control of their emotions.
I'm glad you didn't sell @Anonymous Dude :D

Market fluctuations like this are part of the deal. You have to be able to tune out of it, otherwise your own emotions become your worst enemy when it comes to investing and making money. I've seen many very bright and intelligent people lose money on an investment because they let their emotions get the better of them.

The only thing that matters when deciding whether to sell and investment or not is whether anything fundamental has changed. If there's a good reason for the price drop then it's probably worth evaluating the situation further but if it's just dropping for no good reason then in the long run it's nothing to worry about. Yesterday was clearly a case of the latter.

You'll be glad of your decision to hold by the end of the year, I can promise you that! ;)