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The orphan game is on again

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Dear Dash Team

You must finally do something with a lasting effect about pools trying to game the blockchain. Once again smaller pools are getting crazy orphan streaks killing them off if this goes on. Just have a look at our pool's block list: https://poolmining.org/pool/dash. The possibility of this happening naturally is astronomically low.

Edit: You will have to go back couple pages in our block list to see the huge gaping whole caused by this.
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Bitmain now controls 69% of global block extraction. The orphan pool hasn't even recognised we had 6 orphans on the 13th. Something very screwy going on.
Hi - I've been following this thread and agree it is a huge problem, but not really in the mining game or know what to do about it. What do you think is the chance this is malicious/accidental? How could something like this happen by accident? I recall during the 12.2 upgrade that antpool was manually modifying the version number of the blocks (presumably because they were using similar code to their bitcoin miners for block signalling) and had to be told when to turn voting on/off for the 2MB block upgrade.

I see a couple of possible resolutions. Antpool supposedly supports the SAFE fork of DASH which might take place over the next few days - maybe they will shift mining power to that chain, assuming they also use X11. Other option is a strong publicity campaign to encourage people to use other pools...
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