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"The Most Advanced Investment Platform" - Double Your DASH in 200 Hours (1% Interest Per hour)

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So I have stumbled upon https://cryptosplit.com who claim to be the most advanced crypto currency platform on the internet.

They have paid over 13,000 people since their launch, including myself. I am being paid 0.0099BTC from my 0.99BTC every hour.

Check it out:
0.99BTC Deposit: https://blockchain.info/tx/d57bb2c7f09279e13a9140a3d4166cbfc06f47b772733aa87f3fb9bc07f4f58b
0.0099BTC Payout #1: https://blockchain.info/tx/af620de083754e14d85265e5bb3a8047830f627263d148de8e4691907afe464c
0.0099BTC Payout #2: https://blockchain.info/tx/3948bf11ab44f79644ca345af41eb5112e4ad3041aab072490e05406e4550a48
Keep track of my payouts: https://blockchain.info/address/16swuSxKZQQdYJv1gucv3h8hYCt6PhBuwa

Also got some DASH in there and it is paying out, earning 0.01DASH per hour.

As well as the 1% per hour plan there are two other plans. 25% Daily, and 100% (Profit) in 125 hours.

It MAY be a ponzi, though admin has clearly layed out in his bitcoin thread that it is not.

If you're interested in checking it out check out the banner below
Referral + ponzi, fantastic. Surprised people continue to part with their coins for something that always ends the same way.
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