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TenX complaints thread


This thread is dedicated to share our experiences with TenX quality of service.

Here's my story:

I ordered TenX debit card on 11th of August. On 13th of September I sent an email to TenX customer service to check if my card is going to be sent before the end of September (support ticket 4640). I was pretty impressed that I got replied after 2.5 hours. Joel Koh from TenX customer service wrote me that "Your card is still on track for a September shipment". As I haven't received the card, on 2nd of October I wrote to customer service again (support ticket 6076), asking about an update. And guess what ...nothing, null, no response.

If you have similar "great" experiences regarding TenX, let us know.
I have only positive experiences. No problems with the service and very good exchange rate. No fees, except the initial $15 for the card.

Though I have only used it for about 10 smaller transactions for testing purposes.
Since I've got my card mid-summer, I've had only positive experiences. It took some time to get dash deposits activated, though.

Unfortunately, I can't use it now due to VISA/WaveCrest issues, so I'm awaiting the announcement of new card partner and will use it on regular basis again.
Exactly the same problem here. Followed the same process, fully bought and paid for... no goods as yet! Beginning to wonder if I'll ever see it @Dr. Julian Hosp ?!! I am based in Europe too so there's no excuse.. this card will work for me if I ever get one...

Two days ago tried to pay for domains via TenX card (just to check - they already don't work in PoS in Ukraine). Sent 0.67DASH to the TenX wallet. CC payment failed. Sent 0.67DASH back.