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Tante's Sometimes Weekly update #3!


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Wow, what a week, eh? The long awaited North American Bitcoin Conference finally arrived. To this moment, we’re still awaiting official word on how it went and what all happened, but luckily Babygiraffe gave us his point of view, as he was there as part of the Soda Machine contingent :D Babygiraffe assured us that Dash made quite a Splash at TNABC, but explained they were so busy talking to people 1 on 1, with conversations lasting around ½ an hour each, as the attendees absorbed all the information as to what Dash is, and what it can do.

The Dash contingents was already short on sleep, and didn’t get much of the stuff while they were there, so I think we can assume they’re still recovering and processing all the things that happened. According to Babygiraffe, they made a lot of contacts, and I’m as excited to hear more in detail as any of you are out there J

The most notable thing I observed this past week, is that community members were digging deeper into the Evolution documentation, and asking a lot of pertinent questions. What is the DashDrive? Does the Dash Drive hold the Blockchain? Why does the Evolution require an email? Is Evolution mandatory?

To answer these questions briefly, the DashDrive is a sharded storage system that is redundant and holds user’s information and wallets. This means that User information, such as user name, email address, account keys and addresses are all encrypted and broken into informational pieces that are stored on multiple Masternode Hard Drive space. Each piece of information is stored on at least (according to what I remember reading) 5 random Masternodes, in case any go offline. The plan is also to have perhaps 3 servers, paid for by the blockchain and probably managed by the core team members or Dash Foundation, to hold a full copy of all information in case of catastrophic Masternode outage or statistically improbable loss of all 5 Masternodes holding any particular piece of sharded information.

Currently, Evolution is requiring an email address as a hedge against spamming of account creation. It can also potentially be used to recover accounts. However, it should be noted that with Evolution, user names and account information is encrypted and unless the user chooses to advertise their existence, their information is completely hidden from view except to the owner’s wallet, and only if they do not lose their wallet’s password or recreation code (which is a random group of words)

Finally, is Evolution going to be mandatory ? Evan says no. You can always run a full client, and if that is the case, it is logical to assume that you can also trust a centralized service to give you access to the blockchain, such as a normal Electrum wallet or exchange provides. Unfortunately, in that case, all the neat features that will be available to Evolution users will not be available to you.

I do believe once users begin to understand the system, and how secure it is, they will have no problem with signing up for an account. After all, you are not limited to a single account, like a Swiss bank account, you can have several, some that are private, that you never reveal to the world, and others that you use, like Paypal, to transact with the world.

I invite you to try out the new wallet. Sign up for an account then download it here, just scroll down to the downloads. It’s only available for Windows at the moment, but I’m sure that binaries will soon be made available for other platforms.

Have a great week! See you next time (or um, below ;P)

Additional: I forgot to mention, one of the highlights to the week was Dash's 2nd Birthday. And it was a happy one at that, with quite a price increase, which, although having corrected a bit, is still holding at approximately 0.01 of a Bitcoin :)
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I was reading through the documentation and it sounds like it's going to take a while to develop DAPI, DashDrive, DashPay, AutoIX, Fiat Converter system, Reputation system, etc.

I am very excited, but do we have any idea what to expect on roll out of these new features, are they going to be released all at once, or in sequential order of some sort?
It's going to be more like rolling out. In fact they have the interface already finished. However, I think we're running off of only a few masternodes, it's not network wide. But I signed up with an account "TanteStefana" and send a coin to it. Maybe knowing my user name and that there is a coin there will allow someone to try to hack it?? :D I took pictures when I set it up, so I guess I should do a tutorial, though I think it was pretty self explanatory, hence I didn't do one yet. I don't have any friends yet either :sad:

But it's really cool. If you don't loose your password, or if you at least store your selection of random words that the system creates for you, you shouldn't ever loose your wallet - ever! You don't need to back it up, you don't need to worry about corruption, nothing! It's automatically managed for you! This is the easiest wallet EVER! :p

Getting "unable to login to dapi" msg during installation followed by a crash.

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Regarding the email registration, I just made a suggestion here https://dashtalk.org/threads/ok-help-me-feel-better-please.7758/page-3

...basically it's a one-off registration fee of 0.01 dash that is payable on the first deposit.
Could work but will get in the way of the ease of use, especially if we're talking new people coming over to DASH who never used DASH before.

I'd just make the requirement optional like blockchain.info did and they're not getting killed with spam or found a way to manage it and they're just one centralized website.
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I don't think it would get in the way because it would be done automatically and it would also be contributing the dash project.
InTheWoods , shoot, I don't know, I'm not technical :confused: but did you sign up for an account yet? Did you go to your email and verify?

Yes and yes but not sure how that ties into the wallet.

I've signed up for an account and verified it. Have also installed the wallet, tried to ran it and got that msg. Guess I need to sign-in from inside the wallet or something but I can't get that far.

Have you managed to make it work?
Well, it says at the bottom "get profile time out" or something like that?? Maybe choose a different server? Maybe someone is messing with that server a the moment? It's not really for public consumption yet, just for playing with???