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Sunset Roll powered by Dash

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Sunset Roll Festival Powered by Dash


Sunset Roll powered by Dash is a proposal created with the sole purpose of boosting Dash’s mainstream adoption as a payment solution amongst young people in Venezuela through a premium sponsorship in the most popular alternative music festival in the country.

Venezuelan youth are the most inclined to break boundaries and are not afraid to try new things and seek alternatives proving to be the target market of this technology so far as traditional payment solutions have failed to work effectively and our fiat currency has failed to maintain its value.

Wristbands with NFC technology will be given to attendants to fulfill their payments and both merchants and attendants can benefit from it mainly because of the speed, faster transaction times mean less waiting in line and happier customer experience.

We expect to open wallets to more than 7,000 attendants and each of them will have the opportunity to prepay their NFC entrance wristbands with Dash at the moment of purchase to avoid waiting in lines potentially generating a direct market capitalization on consumption of at least 35,000 USD over a spending rate of +/- 5 USD worth of Dash per attendant during an event that will last two consecutive days.

If you want to know more about the evolution of Sunset Roll follow this link:

Dash in Venezuela

Venezuela has become one of the leading countries in the world on cryptocurrencies according to Simon Chandler from cointelegraph, mainly because of the country’s economic plunge which has created a series of problems for everyone especially when it comes to finances and the recurrence of cash shortages (money circulation), the restrictive exchange control (for international trade) and the lack of POS systems in local commerce establishments.

Nowadays Dash has undoubtedly excelled in its mission to aid economic systems in distress. The Dash Core Group recently made their Q3 Quarterly Call (2018) presentation where they emphasized Venezuela as their #1 growth opportunity.

Our Proposal

Team up with Sunset Roll Festival and promote Dash in the best music festival in Venezuela, where people can have fun and use Dash in the most efficient and simplest way possible so they can ultimately adopt Dash as their regular payment option not only within the event but continue to do so in the future.

How we plan to do it?

Sunset Roll Festival

Sunset Roll is the most important music festival in Venezuela according to the country’s most influential media: El Nacional, El Universal, Nueva Prensa, Lider 94.7, Union Radio and others; with 4 successful editions so far Sunset Roll has created a reputation for combining amazing outdoor locations, great national and international musicians, plastic artists, food courts and even giant hot air balloons attracting more than 7.000 attendants from across the country in their last edition.


According to the festival organizers their event has grown in popularity and has spread across the nation expecting visitors to increment during the next edition as it will take place during Spring Break 2019 and Puerto La Cruz is the second most visited tourist destination in Venezuela on holidays.


Business Plan

This proposal will have a simple financial distribution that will require a one-time funding to ensure the project fulfillment.

Financial Distribution
  • Premium Sponsorship: This plan offers co-branding in a wide scope that is designed to boost the sponsor’s exposure through marketing promotion and by being involved with other “big brands” like Pepsi or Polar that are also going to participate in the event. It has a cost of 50,000 USD and also offers complete liberty to make Dash available as a payment option within the event that will have a direct return and capitalization throughout purchases.

  • Entrance Wristbands funded with Dash: people can have pre-paid Dash wallets with their entrance wristbands to avoid lines. These NFC wristbands will have to be custom made for this event with an associated cost of 6,000 USD.
  • Community Operating Costs: these costs are estimated at $2,500 and they include training for Sunset Roll staff and Merchants on how to use Dash. It also includes everything related to the project management and logistics prior and during the event.
  • Reserve in case of Volatility: considering the volatility that cryptocurrencies have been experiencing this year, we believe it is fundamentally important to have a backup treasury in case of market fluctuations of 10% of the total value of the proposal to withstand the voting period.

Benefits and Return on Investment

The first and foremost benefit of this initiative is to enhance Dash as a brand that resembles excitement, convenience and reliability by giving the people a great memory that associates Dash with an amazing experience such as the Sunset Roll powered by Dash music festival.


More Information

If you want to read the full proposal follow this link:


Si quieres leer nuestra en propuesta en español sigue el siguiente link:


If you want to know more about our Dash PLC Community watch the following video:

Suscribe to our Youtube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGDHHbWkQ8QFgqj8zUPTWSQ to watch all of our awesome previous events

We appreciate your time reading our proposal and we hope to have your support and feedback in order to improve and make the best of this innitiative.
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Hello everyone my name is Pedro Sandoval I'm a member of the Dash PLC community. Thanks for taking some of your time to read our proposal! We believe we have found an opportunity that can really help Dash hit mainstream adoption numbers in Venezuela and we are very excited to get started as soon as possible!

I would like to introduce you to our team:


We would love to get some feedback before we formally submit the proposal for voting so please leave us your impressions! I'm here to answer all your questions and inquiries, please feel free to do so!

If you want to read the full proposal follow this link:


Si quieres leer nuestra en propuesta en español sigue el siguiente link:


Best Regards
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