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Stats After One Week of Dash For Newbies Publication Launch


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I wasn't sure if I should post this stats info in here or somewhere else. Please advise.

I have some stats for you to review after one week of publishing articles in the Dash For Newbies Medium publication. There are 10 articles in the publication so far, and I'm averaging about 1 article per day. Not surprisingly, the most popular Hackernoon article to date is I Just Told a Robot To Send A $60 Tip To My Electronic Wallet.

VIEWS: 1.6k
Here's a breakdown of where the views are coming from:


Now, let's take a look at the most popular articles from Dash For Newbies. The top 2 articles are:

#1 Super Newbie Survival Guide To Dash
VIEWS: 700

# 2: From Saver To Investor: Why I Chose To Invest in a Masternode Share
VIEWS: 501

Here's the breakdown by popularity of article. Please keep in mind that I only started this Medium publication 8 days ago, so it's still a new source.


Here are the referrers for the Super Newbie Guide to Dash article:


Notice how the main websites that are the sources are: Flipboard, Email, Twitter, Hackernoon and Facebook.

Ok, let's look at the #2 article and its sources, From Saver To Investor:


The top 5 sources for this are Email, Reddit, Twitter, Medium, Dash For Newbies

Now, let's look at a recent Facebook post that was made from the official Dash Facebook Page to see how the article, "How To Get Dash" performed and translated into visits to Medium:

Here's the data from the official Dash Facebook Page:


So here's how those Facebook comments, shares and likes translated into reads on Medium:


As you can see, Facebook was the main driver of the visits to this Medium article. Mind you, this article was just written yesterday, so it still has more time to be shared and read.

Most bloggers and marketers are thinking in terms of Facebook but I am working a different angle because the kind of people who read on Medium tend to be more engaged with technology and the future. I think the kind of people who read on Medium can serve as the early adopters of Dash, which then can be spread to more mainstream people with the launch of Evolution.

Another good sign is that the Slack channel that Anja created, Women of Dash, has seen large numbers of engaged women joining up. I put an invite code at the end of each article encouraging newbies to come into Slack. This has been working very well in a short time. I believe between 5-7 new members have joined through this channel since launching the publication.

This is very preliminary data for you to review. I'm in the planning phase for the YouTube show and the first episode should be ready by next week. I'm painting backgrounds and writing out the dialogue this week.

I want to also add that all the original artwork I'm doing, like the one shown below can be added to the creative commons Dash art library:


One last thing, I'm getting a ton of new followers on Twitter and I've been extremely active on there retweeting Dash stuff, and sharing articles there.
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This is great work bella, i wonder if you can promote your articles using digital marketing , by posting ads on google and facebook etc, that would take things off really high :)
This is great work bella, i wonder if you can promote your articles using digital marketing , by posting ads on google and facebook etc, that would take things off really high :)

Being a regular writer for Hackernoon, which has 95,000 followers has proven to be effective in getting reads.
Before using additional advertising money, I'd like to consult with a good marketer to understand what method would be useful.
From my studies, I've learned that content is king. If one regularly produces high-quality content that addresses people's real concerns, then Google will pick up the blogs. I'm open to seeing what a marketer would suggest for our target audience.
I chose Medium as the main focus of my efforts for two reasons: there are tons of people on Medium who are interested in the future of tech, and also a fair number of people are considered early adopters. Facebook seems to appeal to mainstream more than the tech savvy. I think once Evolution is lauched, more emphasis can be placed on Facebook. I have a decent Facebook following, but I have noticed that I get more traction on Medium.
If you know of any highly skilled marketers, it might be good to see what they think.
I strive for leanness, and I don't like wasting money. So, some really talented marketing people would be a good idea, after I get a ton of content built out on the Medium publication.
Wov that's a very useful answer ,i wish some of the forum members were as diligent as you are.

I don't have lot of digital marketing experience but from what i know it really helps

If you can spend some cash on Facebook and retarget them etc you can get real sign ups , but it should be ideally combined with some give away like a prize etc

Think of all these pieces and make a good proposal i hope the lazy master nodes see value in this markeing effort

All the best