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Software and ASIC Research/Dev project


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I am one of the interested developers that does research within the blockchain technology. Looking forward to integrating a project with machines that will solve for blocks inside a network.

I am also peeking at PCB/ASIC designs and architecture that does a great performance/power ratio. For the two parts I am doing research and would like to get in touch with people from various fields. I am interested to upgrade existing problems with new updated solutions and functionalities.

So, I am looking for people that are interested to participate with a project that may have a great potential in the market.

Now, I am interested to get in touch with people that have different experience; to discuss, develop and work as a dev/research team. The topics are interesting now are mentioned below.

· C/C++
· VHDL and Hardware

The tasks the involves discussing issues:

· Interface
· Network: To create bridge architecture that runs inside a network.
· Research: Architecture and design for the ASIC board that involves performance/power ratio.
· Algorithm solving with ASIC
· Etc.

I have contact with technicians that are interested in the project and may develop a prototype and production for this project. However, I am always open for better and efficient solutions.

I am looking forward to see a feedback or message.

(Post maybe updated)
where is the dash angle in this ?
is there any - or are i looking for developers for an unrelated project ?
Ofc, the dash angle over here involves research with X11 and its market potential. Primarly im interested in being a part PoW wave and mining. So far that i am doing research on several the parts that involves hardware and software with X11.

However as i said this project is open for discussion and if there is any points that should be mentioned i am happy todo so. I may update the content later.
i am interested to participate in this project and tell me the complete requirements

So, at the moment a group is working on research with hardware implementations. If you have knowledge with hardware setups then maybe you benefit on this field. However,

the part that i am working on is the desktop and the software for communication with the devices, if you have any knowledge with software or development like: C,C++,C# and Network programming would be awesome, also some terms like: stratum protocol, principles of solving block headers and submitting, use of x11 and those crypto-algorithms, user interface or graphics ui, data communication with devices etc...

If you have some years experience in programming and know principles/theory of data communication and network then it would not be very hard for us to agree upon the work, designs and setup!