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Sharing an interesting realization of potential new market segment for Dash and DAO


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Hello all!!!

I am in the midst of launching a small online business in the vape business (vaporizers and E-Cigarettes, etc.) I was looking at established companies sites and online stores, business models, potentials for collaboration and the like when I came across a company called V2. First off the site was simple, well organized preferring quality vs quantity offerings and immediately I noticed a much more involved active loyal customer base on their site than others I had been to. After further poking around I came to a recent posting from the CEO Jan Verleur regarding the decision them had come to to have an IPO. She decided to take a different approach than normal opting to target her smaller regular customers for funding as much as anyone else knowing they had helped her get to where she is.

As I saw some parallels in the and what is going on with Dash and DAO's right now I replied to her posting with the intent of suggesting she take a look at DASH's DAO model as it might provide insight or creativity in her approach to do the IPO differently than any before. https://www.v2.com/blog/2017/08/vmr-initial-public-offering-ipo-investment-survey/ This is a link to her posting. Lol if you scroll down you can see I ended up writing a lot more rosey stuff about Dash and going on longer than i had intended but it is easy to get caught up in actually seeing something that has been basically stagnant and un-moving in its control over people being challenged in such a democratic and interpersonal way.

I'll post any response I get to her seeing my huge reply of DASH propaganda on her IPO announcement wall. o_O I was very respectful anc congratulatory of her even though what I was essentially promoting was an organizational structure absent of her position, though Im not sure that can be said of "role" ? What do you think?


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Hi, I couldn't see any of the stuff you wrote, the link went to a products type page and I did scroll down.

Anyway, thanks for any promotional efforts you do!