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Revolutionary idea for Darkcoin


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India is a major market we want to target.

We want to use their cultural landscape and everyday life reality to market Darkcoin to India. India has a very different culture than North American culture but it is one that fundamentally shares the same values, they believe in being a good person and acting in a way that gives back to the world through charity, right action, contributing to one's community, and generally just enjoy life peacefully.

For historical reasons, India is one of the oldest cultures in the world and their are now currently approximately 1.252 billion people living there as of 2013.

Culture in India fundamentally revolves around its oldest stories, specifically those of the Mahabharata.

Since the reproduction of those stories in television format in recent years, current generations are doubly aware of their cultural heritage, having experienced it in story format through cultural tradition as well as in Television format (different interpretation…) What this has done is increase the default perspectives that people gave energy to with their creative visualization. Basically what this means to is they used to have a certain amount of ways of seeing it in their head and now they were provided with different ways of seeing it which increased their perspective, which allowed them to also create new mixes between this increased pool… etc. I know its a bit complex but it helps us.

What it means is we use the Mahabharata or other cultural stories to make India a powerhouse of Darkcoin.

The way to do this is to compare Darkcoin To examples like Ram's bridge in advertising, here is a link to the part i'm talking about for example, to carry all the earth, which is the full circle on the animal names for clients and contributing to saving the environment:

time: 1:09:00 in the video

Then people will start checking out Darkcoin in India and they will buy it. We build the bridge to a better tomorrow! We can also use other ideas from the Mahabharata, ideally anyone marketing to India should know the story well first, and if any negotiations take place one of the older members of the team should do the talking. :)

Eventually, we should have commercials illustrating the link between these concepts. And also talk about it on their section of DarkcoinTalk possibly...

I know it sounds odd from an american perspective but its what we should do for marketing in India.

The first country to start using Darkcoin in a mainstream way will be positioned favourably in the future and will create wealth beyond measure for its people as others join in… They will have to join if a big country goes that way, the others will freak out! Hahaha.

If we get 1 country to start using it, officially or unofficially through its people using it themselves, I'm sure people living in India could find a lot of uses for Darkcoin and would benefit greatly. Then Darkcoin goes Mainstream, then more countries will follow with time or an equivalent action will happen at the very least within those countries… Will you be paying Darkcoin sir?

This is a strategy for India, different strategies need to be implemented in other countries. I think India should be one of our main and first targets, especially because they have so far barely been exposed to the crypto currency idea which gives us a first movers advantage, exactly like Pepsi had in India vs Coke.

This first movers advantage essentially secured Pepsi as an international player and the number 1 soft drink in India with much higher sales than Coke.

Specific countries require specific strategies for market adoption, depending on culture, as well as present economic and political realities and other factors…

What do you think?
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Definitely, we need to start sharing Darkcoin with India eventually... we might as well start today! I wonder if Georgem could meme the scene from the build bridging (or another one if better) where every one starts cheering, and then we add spinning Darkcoins everywhere as the bridge or something like that, and when everyone cheers maybe they could hold up Darkcoin!…. And at the end of the commercial, we finish with a brief screen shot explaining Darkcoin in Hindi… Could be awesome to have that on youtube, who knows it might go viral over there if its well done and disseminated through social media...
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sounds interesting.
Haven't watched the whole video, but this reminds me of the monkeyking/hanuman story?

This needs to be explored... when I have a little bit more time. (working on the bitcoinrush animations at the moment)
It would be awesome to be the first alt coin with a viral commercial somewhere in the world and this seems like it has the potential, we have everything going for us! :) For India: The Mahabharata (or Ramanaya) is a great story they love, Darkcoin is a fantastic and game changing financial product and you have the talent to make it happen, its like it was mean't to be. Maybe it is! ;) I sure hope so, can't wait to see the bitcoinrush animations development in the meantime :)
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Ok so this one is an easy one right now.

One effective option providence had provided for an easy effective marketing campaign for Russia is conveniently assured by the current problems and demise of the Ruble. The fact that Russians must be very worried about this suggests that this will make them even more open to considering alternative ways of investing their resources and that they are likely looking for ways to get out of the Ruble… Lets send them Darkcoin's way out of love! :)

Maybe have a little video of M. Putin doing something a little shady and then ask in russian, who do you trust to take care of the future, this guy or the blockchain? Hahahaha The state: Not so long ago people were saying the Ruble could become the worlds main currency and now look at it... one day if the american dollar fails or has difficulty, whats next… who is next... whats really going on with Russia, have you heard about the Federal reserve, mention what happened in Cyprus...?
Then switch screen and flash: Darkcoin: Anonymous, Instantaneous, Save your Future. An open hand with love….

Or something like that… :) It could gain attention with time if the rubble really crashes and people consider alternatives.

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This is seems pretty straightforward… remember when the government confiscated a large percentage of your savings? You know what they say… fools me once shame on you, fools me twice shame on me. Stay safe, Trust in the future, a better world Darkcoin.
So this idea is mostly for a specific line of commercials.

The idea is the camera enters a swiss bank and it is empty, there is some dust bunny on the floor a feeling of abandonment… The protagonist asks the only teller whose uniform is wrinkled:

-What happened here?

The teller answers:


The protagonist, replies:

What do you mean?

The teller:

-Everyone suddenly became smart. Since then its been really quiet….

Here is an idea for a Darkcoin commercial…

A couple experienced successful businessmen are sitting at a lounge smoking cigars and drinking cognac. One tells the others:

-imagine if you could always have the best of both worlds…

-Another answers:

- That would be like Darkcoin.

The screen flashes with all the features of Darkcoin enumerated and maybe finish with Evan giving the camera a slow deliberate wink and have Darkcoins start falling from the sky… or something like that :)
The camera enters a dimly lit room where a bearded man is folded over a crystal ball and water basin… Beside him is a young apprentice taking notes… Suddenly the old man exclaims:

-I see it! Darkcoin!

The young man, asks the older gentleman:

-What is Darkcoin Nostradamus?

The older man replies:

-It will bring infinite wealth and freedom to all the people who receive its coin!

The young man pauses, slowly looks furtively around, pretends to take a note of the word Darkcoin with the explanation, replies:

-Infinite wealth, Darkcoin…. I see, I see…. Yes…. Noted.

So we need to find a focus, what target markets can we reach with our current resources and what would be the most efficient use of our resources.

We are going to want to have goals both short term, medium term and long term. We are going to want to have achievable goals and measurable ones that serve as encouragement and validation when they are achieved.

With Darkcoin accepted everywhere, it is important to think about who will be using it, essentially everybody right.

Who is everybody? Men and women of all ages, kids and adults. What is the one obvious commonality here?

Simply that everyone has been a child at one time and this will continue to be true in the future.

We now have the beginnings of a marketing strategy.

Also one that also encourages us to make everything as user friendly as humanly possible, so simple a child can use it without any problem or concerns which will also help seniors incidentally.

For example, we should have 1 version of the client especially designed for children in a children's theme available in different colours available for download on the website. (obvious pink and blue, red, yellow, etc.) These should also have a test Drk mode to learn (basically a tutorial for kids). Already with this we are totally surpassing the competition.

On the website I would also like to eventually have a video with both children and adults of all ages and ethnicities all interviewed one after the other saying: I am Darkcoin

With a nice deep emotional music in the background, and professionally put together. Maybe members of the community could even contribute to send in mini clips of themselves saying: I love Darkcoin. Maybe some babies that can't even talk yet, have their parents teach them how to say, I love Darkcoin! It could be cute and make them famous :)

This kind of general theme would help soften our image, help us blow off any potential negative publicity from any future dark market stuff and bring us towards a sustainable marketing direction and plan which allows us to develop in any way we choose. This while ensuring that we are targeting the masses with our advertising and image of a currency for everyone and built for all generations.
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Im with you Rando!
Young people are the way to go for sure.
Hopefully soon we can develop messaging into the wallet, if its one things the kids are doing its communicating with eachother..... they'll spread the word about darkcoin themselves if its cool.
I think most efficient targets for Darkcoin Marketing in 2015 will be (list from most obvious --> less obvious):

1. Most obvious: All sorts of current Bitcoin Mixers clients
2. Bitcoin investors who can recognize «next big Thing» in Darkcoin.
3. All bitcoin users in general.
4. Altcoins long-term investors (or are there only traders? :grin: ) Especially fans of anonymous projects.
5. Tor users.

So I mean people we have to target - who already know about cryptocurrencies and value their privacy and anonymity.
So different kinds of promos have to target to these 5 different groups (please add if you can)…

So in 2015 (maybe in 2016 also?) we have not waste our small marketing potential teaching things like:
- "Why you have to protect you privacy?"
- "What is cryptocurrency and why you need it?"
- and so on...

(sorry maybe this topic not for "Foundation" section :) )
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Great to hear from you guys on this!

Fantastic, so now we an idea about what kind of image we want to foster and start developing for the Darkcoin brand.

We also now have a idea for a list of short term and medium term targets for 2015.

When we agree on a plan we can start coordinating for maximum effect.

We identify the different levels of our action plan and we find out who has the skills to deal with what.

Then we assign duties and responsibilities. This has already started with Darkcoin Worldwide, etc.There needs to be a clear understanding of objectives and they need to be measurable from the very beginning.

If some areas of our plan start falling behind schedule, we know exactly what is happening, where, who is falling behind and we come together as a community and help the areas of the plan that need specific focus and help.

Because the objectives are measurable, for example: send 100 emails to industry leaders this month… We will be able to answer yes or no has this been achieved. Was the objective set at too high a level? Was it too easy? Do we need more resources ,more people, different people with different skills? Who are the people the community can rely on? Are they still active? etc. This way the plan can be adjusted and perfected as we move forward, it isn't meant to be static but fluid, it is the map to the river we will travel, we are lucky we get to draw the river too!

And this is all stuff the community and public should be able to monitor, that way they have a clear roadmap and proof that Darkcoin is the real deal.

We could start doing news releases when we surpass our objectives :)

I think it would even be interesting to have a video on the website that illustrates the business plan we come up with and our objectives for 2015, maybe have Evan and some foundation members go over the main points for the year every year, analysis of the previous years, illustrate growth in different segments, etc. :) i think it would be nice to think in terms of growth instead of price in the plan because growth is the real value that drives exponential price and adoption increase in the medium and long term.
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Oh and because there isn't a section for this yet... but we should have a protocol for dealing with potential customers and clients or media. Darkcoin should look the best and so should Darkcoiners, I think that means suits and tie are in order. :) If we can develop a reputation for being the most professional people that image will shine onto the brand too.

I just had a very interesting conversation with an Indian BTC guy
(i was fishing for Exchanges for DRK)
and he said:
Well a few are somewhat active.. no real time exchanges as yet

that is very surprising i have to say !! i think they are still dealing with regulations
anyway, he pointed me to 2 active once and we will look into that

i think this conversation should actually be moved to "General DRK"
(Not Foundation !! fernando ??)
Are you ready for this? :) Here it is:

Fact: - People don't like paying fees to convert fiat into DRK.
- Online exchanges have risks and problems associated with their use (theft, loss of anonymity, etc.)

Solution: we create a no fee exchange where people can convert the main fiat systems into Darkcoin. No fees for people converting, no fees for sellers, no fees for withdrawing balances, simply put no fees. This will attract volume. We have been talking about a decentralized exchange, what about a no fee exchange? Let me explain:

Questions: -How do we finance this exchange? - With advertisement. Everyone will go to the exchange with no fees and the advertisement will follow the people, obviously.

-How do we acquire a steady source of DRK to exchange for fiat? We ask people who operate masternodes and mine DRK to sell the coins they would like to sell through this exchange to support Darkcoin and its worldwide adoption. After all why would people pay fees if they know they can avoid them? Why sell on another exchange than the one that supports DRK and offers no fee selling?

-What do we do with proceeds from advertisement if they are greater than the costs of operating the exchange? Support advertisement of our own for Darkcoin. In this way we methodically transform other peoples advertisement for their own products into advertisement for Darkcoin, thus helping them and us, a perfect example of Dharma. In this way, we build a new revolutionary no fee decentralized exchange supported by the Darkcoin community and founded on the principles of right action for the people by the people.

What does this effectively do?
1. It cuts out the middlemen who have been causing troubles for good, solving that issue for the whole world for good.

2. It provides a no fee exchange where people can convert fiat into DRK

3. It gives us a sustainable source of advertisement revenue that can be reinvested into Darkcoin awareness and adoption.

4. We change the perspective: right now people buy BTC and transform it into DRK, we effectively change this dynamic and get people to buy DRK with their fiat for no conversion fee at market price and if they like, later they can convert it to another alt coin like BTC.

Now were talking. What do you think? I have a lot more to say about this and the details concerning its implementation, but I'd like to hear from the community on this, is this something people would like to see?

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r-ando full power as always
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