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Retirement of DCG ElectrumX servers


Staff member
Dash Core Group
DCG will be retiring the following servers:

* electrumx-mainnet.dash.org
* electrumx-testnet.dash.org

We believe there is a functional server at drk.p2pay.com but we believe it's owned by the previous maintainer of Electrum and thus cannot guarantee anything about this server.

Reasons for this are:

1) v19 hardfork broke our current setup which is aging anyway, we currently rely on the following dockerfile which hasn't been updated since 2020: https://github.com/lukechilds/docker-electrumx. We will need to do some serious refactoring and maintain this inhouse to keep it working.... which brings me to my second point...

2) So far, no-one has seriously picked up frontend development of ElectrumX for Dash so I am unsure what state this is in since the v19 hardfork.

If anyone from the community would like to maintain this, we can send you our Ansible and how we've attempted to pull the image into the modern age. If someone seriously picks up the frontend again we are happy to put more time into this and run backend servers.